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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

By Kamal Swami

Indian Airforce To Use Tata Nexon Electric To Commute

Following the government of India’s initiative to control carbon emissions and encourage green mobility, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has included Tata Nexon electric compact SUV in its fleet of vehicles. The first fleet of 12 electric Tata Nexon was flagged off by Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari in the presence of IAF senior officers and other members. According to sources, the IAF is working on increasing the use of electric vehicles for daily transportation of its officials and staff. The force is also planning to remove the old vehicles from its fleet of vehicles. 
Tata Nexon Electric Front View
Commenting on this, the official sources of the IAF said, "The first batch of electric cars introduced today will be deployed in Delhi NCR units for performance monitoring and analysis”. The sources also said the force is also planning to develop suitable infrastructure for electric vehicles at its different bases. The force has also partnered with the Indian Army for the procurement of electric vehicles including buses and cars for creating a similar fleet of vehicles in both forces. It is reported that IAF is committed to actively supporting the national initiative of adopting eco-friendly mobility.
It would be interesting to know that like IAF the AAI (Airport Authority of India), the authority responsible for managing the operations of 137 airports across the country is also shifting towards the use of electric vehicles. The authority is also encouraging the service providers of different services at airports to induct electric vehicles in their fleet of vehicles and develop suitable charging facilities at airports.
The government forces, boards, authorities, etc, are taking this step to support the vision of adopting electric mobility by 2030, initiated by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The AAI has targeted adopting 100% electric mobility by 2030.

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