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Toyota Camry Automatic 2.5 Reviews


By Ronak Singh

Price: 9,03,800


Best mix of power and money i.e. Camry is the ride for you

Pros : Broad spacious interiors and powerful engine

Cons : Not a city ride even puts in trouble while parking

Continuing the success story of USA and UK, Toyota’s Camry is on the verge of rewriting the rules of comfort for sedan lovers. Hello friends, I am Ronak Singh from Bikaner and an enthusiastic car lover.  Camry now comes with the automatic transmission which is a sheer requirement on the Indian terrain as shifting gears on busy roads is a frequent exercise and decreases the driving comfort. It’s been a desire of long time now fulfilled by the company and I truly appreciate this. Automatic transmission is always been associated with low mileage but this is not the case with the all new adoring reincarnated beauty “the Camry”.

Toyota been an apex beauty designer has furnished my car with the best of amenities, exteriors are bejeweled with the adoring looks, Sides looks awesome and the rear is a view binder simply astounding. Interiors are the strongest aspect of the New Camry which pays due regards to the rider’s comfort and safety and marks high on it. Fluffy softy leathery seats, doors looks rich with the luxurious covering, dash looks all new and includes some of the best in class features to make it a rider’s best companion on long drives. It’s one of the biggest sedans ruling our country so the space is not the area of concern.

It’s my beauty queen masked with a beefy posture. Looking forward to purchase it as it is the only one that portrays the best mix of price and money, comes in direct competition with some of the established cars like Civic and Mercedes C class but it snatches a significant piece of cake. My adoring Camry is a trusted name in the world of cars and is the beast ready to rule the show. Never saw such a beautiful combination of power, luxury and best value for money. Waiting for the loan to get passed, eagerly waiting to go on a long drive in my all new sweet Camry.

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