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Toyota Camry AT Reviews


By Krishna

Price: 9,03,800


Longest car in its segment

Pros : Enormously spacious interiors, good fuel efficiency, low turning radius, very smooth and comfortable ride, easy to handle, running and maintenance cost is pretty low for this class of vehicle

Cons : Styling is good but not great for the price, gearbox causes problems sometimes but overall it’s a good vehicle

I have Toyota Camry’s 2011 model with automatic transmission. I drove it close to 15000kms and am very satisfied with the overall performance of the vehicle. Exteriors are good but not great enough to attract Indian customers who have the tendency to ask for something extra for the heavy price they have to shed for it and that can be considered as one of the reason for its failure in the Indian market however exteriors are simple, decent and elegant and provides a distinct personality to it.

Taking about power which is the most amazing aspect of the vehicle, engine is strong and pickup is phenomenal, A/c works great and car offers enormous space inside to sit 6 people comfortably and enjoy the ride at best. Mileage is good and car offers 9 km/ltr. Handling it on high speeds like 190 or 200 is great and it turns in a flick of a finger. Despite of the big size car offers high ground clearance and its turning radius is much lower than other cars of the same segment. I recently came to know that Camry is India’s third longest vehicle next to Accord and Superb as per Autocar magazine and is a great thing in itself. After sales service of Toyota is good but sometimes I really need to work hard to make them understand the concern areas but overall I never faced any difficulties.

A nice vehicle to own, priced at 26 lacs much lower than BMW and Mercedes which costs high and offers less space.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This car having good engine power..



Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Very impressive exterior..

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