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Tata Nano LX BS III Reviews


By Gurcharan Singh

Price: 9,03,800


main security feature Child lock and more repair

Pros :

Cons :

Hi All,


I bought Tata Nano Awesome Model last year 2014 on Guru Nanak’s Birth anniversary @2.35 lac from Macro Ventures/Motors Mohali Punjab. Before buying this car I had visited almost every car showroom and checked all concerns. But Tata Nano was the best one which fitted in my budget that too with the space, the ac, the mileage, the swift pickup and best is parking and moving out in the city and more over this was SWADESHI CAR. Although all my near and dear once advised me not buy this car as it has no strength (is me jaan nahi hai) instead I shall go for Maruti 800/ Alto or Hyundai Eon. My family (my wife, daughter n myself) were satisfied to own this car. This car if fully equipped but without power steering. I even enquired about this feature from the showroom mkt people that if this feature may be included in coming weeks or months. But I was told that there is no need of power steering as this car engine is rear mounted. Also not having power steering never bothered me. After this who ever come across me I made them sit in my car and drove few kms. At this time every one appreciated the concept and concern of this car. Because of its lachtakia car/ cheap car Tag every one said that if you were to invest RS 2.35 lac for this car, by adding few thousand rupees more you would have bought better car.

One day I just drove the car along with my family to the city, my than 6+ year daughter was sitting on the rear seat, she accidently pulled the lever of door and the door opened. One can imagine how embarrassing it was… luckily I was not on the highway, was only on the inner street. So any major tragedy was averted. And after that I trained her not to do this again. She understood. At that time I found out that the company has neglected this most important security feature by not providing CHILD LOCK.  On the other place Tata Motors tried to upgrade this car in other so many ways but still this security feature of child lock has not been provided.

After almost 4 months Tata Motors introduced Tata Nano Twist with only added feature of Power Steering. The showroom started giving 30,000 to 40,000 rupees discount on the awesome model and 70,000 to 90,000 rupees discount on the old models. At this time I felt, like I’ve been cheated.

Now it has been more than one year since I have owned My Awesome Nano. Driving daily from home -  office to and from 60km. This saved me, my family from summer heat, rains and winter chills. I have many good and bad experiences since the beginning. All those experiences may not be viable to share at this time. I am writing this comment/ review after one year of use over my own experience. Some people reading this on the other side may think rubbish what am taking about. But truly these are the FACTS which cannot be denied.

Every after 15 days I am at the showroom for repair work for one reason or the other. Till now it is under warranty and have taken gold AMC. But still this wasted my lot of time n money… NOW after One year of driving this Nano car I am of the opinion & thinking that I HAVE MADE THE WRONG DECISION. Which has really wasted my time, energy and money. Instead I would have bought any other company’s car by adding RS 50,000 more… that would have been much much much better.  I AM SORRY FOR WHAT I AM WRITING, BUT IT IS VERY VERY TRUE & I REGRET IT FOR MY SELF TOO FOR MAKING THIS DECISION.

Best Regards

Gurcharan Singh

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