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Tata Nano CX BS IV Reviews


By Surbhi Tripathi

Price: 9,03,800


Minimizing boundaries

Pros :

Cons : Nothing

Joining the first job is always a challenging task for a fresher and this situation becomes more difficult if you get the job in some unknown city, because as you are not familiar with transport facility sometimes you miss your bus or sometimes you reach late to your home. After completion of my B.Tech in computer science I got the job of SEO manager in a big city like Delhi. Basically am from Baran district of Rajasthan and going to Delhi for job was like a dream coming true for me, but was scared as it was my ever first job. Well finally I joined my office in Delhi with little hesitation. In the beginning it was difficult to cope with transport facility but due to my colleagues I was able to manage my office timings accordingly. But sometimes due to work responsibilities I had to stay in office for late night due to which I had to travel alone. Therefore I decided to buy a car for me which is under my budget and which is fuel efficient, so I decided to buy Tata Nano car for my personal use.
Four months back I bought my ever first car of life Tata Nano for my personal use. In simple words I would say that it is just an unbeatable car at an affordable price range.  Moreover as it delivers an average of 23 kmpl, it is remarkable in big city like Delhi where it takes almost more than an hour in reaching from one corner to another corner. One thing which more impressed me about Tata Nano is its interior space which makes it easier for everyone to enjoy comfort travel, apart from this integration of music system never lets you know the time consumed during your travel. With Tata Nano Delhi is not an unknown city for me anymore because now I have almost measured every route of Delhi with my sweet Nano.

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