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Tata Nano CX BS III Reviews


By Navin

Price: 9,03,800


Tata’s dream for the common man – Nano

Pros : low price, small size and high mileage

Cons : car has only basic features

From very long the chairman of Tata companies, Mr. Ratan Tata had been dreaming to develop a car for the normal middle class consumer in Rs. 1 lakh in his mind.  It did not took very long for this news to spread and all middle class people who were aspiring to upgrade from two wheelers to a four wheeler kept their eyes stuck on this news. But as Mr. Tata was dreaming something very unusual to have happened to the Indian car market, he also faced many problems with different things ranging from the setup of factory to the design and quality of the car.

After many controversies and negative remarks from the critics he went against the flow in almost every aspect to come out with a successful product. Finally the car entered the Indian car market around three years ago. Even though Nano is not a very appealing car when u talk about look, but the main USPs of the car are low price and petite size. The car became hysteria when first launched. But back in December 2011, the company launched its improved version the Nano CX BSIII, which is currently available in all the Tata Motors showrooms.

The car is an extremely affordable trim from this range. The car comes with a jaw dropping low price. When we talk about the fuel economy of this car, it will not be wrong to say that small things come with big surprises. This petite hatch back delivers a whopping high mileage of 20 kmpl under city driving conditions. The car takes almost 20 seconds to touch the speed of 0 to 100 kmph. And has the top speed of 105 kmph. To make the car more affordable, Tata motors has not added many features to this car. So all in all this one is a very basic car made especially for those who don’t want to spend much on a car and want a simple four wheel drive.

Let us have a look at the features not present in the car. Power steering, which is now days present in every car is not given by the domestic car maker. Power windows are not present even in the front side so there is hardly any question of them being present on the rear end of the ride. Other features like cup are absent from front as well as the rear end of the car. Remote trunk opener, remote fuel lid opener, air bag for the driver as well as the passenger’s air bag and anti lock brake system all are not given in this package of car.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Tata Nano is a small car and great perfect mileage.



Thursday, October 11, 2012


Tata Nano is a great car and I can say this because I have one. The car is small and compact and I can take it anywhere.

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