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Tata Nano BS III Reviews


By Prashrut

Price: 9,03,800


The value for every dime of mine Tata Nano

Pros : economical, easy to drive in tight corners

Cons : lacks adjustable headrests in the front seats

Hello I am Prashrut from Pune. I am a college student and my college is on the outskirts of the city. As my college is in the outer limit of the city and I have to be on the highway for some stretch of the road when I go to my college. It can be quite or I should say that very risky to ride a two wheeler on a highway. And my mother was always worried about my well being when I left for college in the morning till the time I entered back in house in the evening. My father has a medium sized business and hence could not spend much on a car which will be mostly used only by me. Therefore we went with Mr. Ratan Tata’s dream car for the common man the Tata Nano BS III. If you ask me then I will say that the car suits most of my needs. And the things which really make my father contented are its price tag and running cost. The small car moves very easily in the tight corners and turns of our locality.

The smooth drive of the car is also enhanced by its smooth suspensions made with coil springs and gas filled shock absorbers in the rear end of the car. The car has a two toned car upholstery inside the cabin. The hatchback comes with a digital fuel gauge, a two spoke steering wheel, an instrument cluster illumination and a jute based roof lining on top of the car. It is not that this car is a total win – win buy for the consumer. This base version has lacked many features due to the cost cutting made so that the car can fit this price range. Essentials like cabin lamp, map pocket in the front seat, front seat head rests, sun visor on the driver side which can prove to be quite an important safety feature at times, sliding driver seat which should have been there as my many of my friends use my car and all of them are certainly not of the same height, front assist grips which can be useful if the car is driven on a rough terrain, low fuel warning lamp which is very useful for me as I am a student and it gets hard for me to always keep a check on the fuel as sometimes I tend to forget to re – fuel the car and seats in the back do not fold to increase the boot space of the car. Even after the car lacks some features, I can easily say that this car is worth buy for my father’s money.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The car is an extremely affordable trim from this range. The car comes with a jaw dropping low price. and this petite hatch back delivers a whopping high mileage of 20 kmpl under city driving conditions.



Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Tata Motors work hard to give mindblowing exterior and interior features and Nano is available in affordable prices..


Vikas Jain

Friday, November 16, 2012


Tata Nano Special Edition car now available across India

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