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Tata Indica eV2 Xeta GLE Reviews


By Sanjay

Price: 9,03,800


The low maintenance Tata Indica ev2

Pros : low maintenance, powerful, very high mileage

Cons : no power steering, power windows or central locking system

I had been looking for a good hatchback for myself and my family since quite some time now. And I had rejected many cars as I came to know that they require high maintenance costs. But luckily one of my good friends told me about the Tata Indica ev2 Xeta GLE and its low maintenance costs. I found that the car also looked very beautiful and has many interesting features. And hence I went and purchased it in that moment itself as I did not wanted to find myself confused after looking at other such cars.

The best part is that this car also has a comparatively low initial price as compared to most of its competitors. The makers of this car have installed a very powerful petrol engine in this car. The powerful petrol engine of this car is mated with a very smooth five speed manual transmission system. This car is also equipped enough to give out a good amount of mileage on the city roads and on the highways as well. The car gives a good mileage of 13.5 km per litre on the city roads and about 18.4 km per litre on the highways. This number is very good in my opinion if I talk about cars which run on petrol.

The acceleration and pick up of this car is very good and compliments the power of this car in a very good way. But if I talk about the interiors of this car then I would like to say that they are quite basic and not very flashy or stylish, but they are very comfortable for sure, the car has a very good air condition with heater system as well which cools or heats up the car in a matter of few seconds. The thing which I did not like very much about this car was that this car misses out on many major features like power steering, power windows, CD player or central locking system, which is present inside almost every car these days. But if I ignore this fact then I would say that this is very good car with a very low maintenance.

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