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Renault Scala RXE Reviews


By Aastha Sharma

Price: 9,03,800


Renault Scala RXE: Worse car I have ever driven

Pros : Good looks and very easy to drive

Cons : Not an uneven terrain vehicle

Hi friends, I am Aastha Sharma from Jaipur, I purchased Renault Scala RXE 8 months back and I think I have been cheated by the company. Company claims and assures of lots of things but my friends most of their claims have proved to be of no value as per my experience. From the very first day I have been facing trouble with the mileage of the vehicle.

Shock absorbers are not good enough, recently we went on a long drive and the terrain was uneven and potholed, my husband was driving fast and lost control over a speed breaker and bang, car jumped over and when it touched the ground it stopped for no reason, I don’t know what happened suddenly, it was not a big blow for the car of the caliber company feel proud off, but finally we are stuck on a dead end. My husband tried his level best but all efforts are in vain. Finally we are in the situation of nowhere. Phones were not working that route was not a crowded one in fact we were the only one there and the feeling of being alone was scaring me.

Last month one of the shock absorbers broke down during drive and I lost control of the vehicle but for god’s sake I was able to flee and avoid the accident. I have sent Renault Scala for repairs, I even complaint of the low performance and how shockers can break in just 7 months and the fabulous reply I received is “Maam it depends on the way you drive” so that means claims of a rugged strong  vehicle were all fake. Car will not give you mileage and it’s not strong enough to support you on Indian roads and for all this one is required to shed a whooping price, this is simply a sheer wastage of resources and Renault’s reputation in the second hand market is also not good so I m stuck completely.

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