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Renault Scala RXE Reviews


By Mohd. Jamal

Price: 9,03,800


Renault Scala price impresses but features disappoint

Pros : Good looks, affordable price tag

Cons : Lack of some of the basic features

I am a HR Manager at a multinational firm located in Gurgaon, my house is in DLF phase III which is close to my office that is located in Sector 42.I have been longing to buy a new car for myself, preferably a sedan, though there are a lot of options available in this segment but I was waiting for something new. I had been hearing about Renault Scala sedan which is based on Nissan Sunny sedan and was curious to see what the car maker has under its sleeve. Finally I got to know today that the car has been launched and the basic model of the sedan has been tagged at a shocking price of Rs 6.99 lakh.

The price of the basic trim of the petrol trim is extremely impressive; frankly I was expecting it to be a bit more. But this price has been given to the sedan is exchange of a few very basic features which are not present in Renault Scala RXE trim. These features which have been excluded from the trim to make it affordable include power windows both rear and front, I think the company should have given this feature at least in the front windows which is a basic feature. Also cup holders are not offered in rear which I believe is fine its absence does not pinch much at least it is present in the front.

Alloy wheels and CD player again should have been present, if not alloy wheels Renault should have considered about CD player. Central locking I feel is an important safety feature which is also not available in this trim. I was thinking to go for the RXE petrol trim as I do not drive much within the city therefore it does not make much of a difference to drive a petrol car instead of a diesel. However absence of these features have left me in confusion because addition of these features would mean that the price would jump substantially and I am not willing to spend much at present, maybe I will explore what other sedans in the same segment offer in their basic trim and then decide whether or not should I splurge this much money.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Latest Renault Scala available in amazing looks with amazing features!!



Saturday, September 15, 2012


What is the mileage of this car?



Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The sedan appearance is also nice. the superb mileage, good look and comfortable interiors.

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