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Renault Duster Petrol RXE 1.6 Reviews


By Sagar

Price: 9,03,800


My new Renault Duster Petrol RXE

Pros : anticipated price is low, lot of space in the car

Cons : few service stations of the company, stiff suspension, and a problematic gear shift system

I have been looking for a sports utility vehicle or SUV since quite long now. I wanted a car which is sporty, comfortable and new to the Indian market. The reason for me demanding an all new SUV is because I am a little bored of the regular Tata or Mahindra SUVs. It’s been many years since I have been watching these cars rolling on the roads and therefore I wanted a car which is new in the market and can attract many eye balls. Lucky enough for me during the time when I was about to go for a regular SUV, the company Renault launched itself in India.

Their new car the Renault Duster Petrol RXE 1.6 captured my heart in the first glance. Therefore even after my parents did not supported my idea of purchasing a SUV instead they wanted me to go for hatchback which will be cheaper than my choice. But as I have earlier mentioned that I had got my heart for this car since I have seen it. Finally two months ago I purchased the car of my choice. It has been a good journey till now with this car. Although I love my car very much and it is indeed very good I still have managed to identify some low points in the car.

I feel that the suspension of the car could have been more refined. I feel that the car’s suspensions are a little stiff. The stiffness of the suspensions sometimes really ruin the fun element of the journey as we all know about the condition of Indian roads especially in the small cities. Only if the suspensions were softer the overall drive experience of the car could have been much better. I also found some problem in the gear shift of the car as it is not so smooth. As if the hard suspension was not enough to ruin the drive of the car, the gear stick also shows some problems in shifting. The gear knob tends to stumble on itself while shifting the gears. Apart from these two major problems the car is very good in all aspects the ride, the performance, the AC and the other features which the car provides.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


All these things make Duster Petrol RXE Option Pack a perfect deal for me.

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