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Renault Duster Petrol RXE 1.6 Reviews


By Navin

Price: 9,03,800


My father’s new Renault Duster petrol RXE 1.6

Pros : good looks, low price, good AC

Cons : very few service stations

I am a CA student of 22 years. I live in the city of Noida with my family which has my parents and a younger sister. My father had been planning to purchase a new car since quite long, and he had been looking for a SUV to be precise. He wanted a car which is very reliable and very efficient in all the other aspects. My father being a perfectionist wanted everything in his car to be just perfect.


He wanted value for all the money he likely spent to buy his car. About a couple of months ago I spotted one such car which had just been launched and became an instant hit. This car was the Renault Duster petrol RXE 1.6; I started convincing my father to at least take a test drive of this car as I had already secretly taken a test drive of this car and liked it very much. After a lot of efforts taken from my end and some from my mother’s end my father finally agreed to have a test drive of this beautiful vehicle.


I still clearly remember that it was a Sunday when I had gone with my father to get him this car tested. I very clearly remember the expression on my father’s face when he got the first look of this car. At that moment itself I had understood that now my father is almost convinced form this car. We took a drive in this car. And that day itself we booked this car. Thanks to some of my father’s contacts and God we were able to get this in only a couple of days even after a long waiting period this car had. Now we are the proud owners of this car in our favorite color. We are very much impressed by the level of comfort the car provides in most of the things this car has in it.


To start with the car comes with a very efficient air condition. It cools down and heats up the car in a jiffy after the moment the air condition is switched on. It is very important to have a good air condition in the area where I live as the temperatures here can be quite extreme as both the summers and the winters can prove to be quite harsh and hard hitting. The only problem which I faced was with the tail light which had been broken by my mistake. I really request my father to get it repaired as soon as possible as it is a very important safety feature and the broken light also destroys the show of the rear end of our car to a very large extent. As our car is very much new and is able to attract many eyeballs but the broken light really ruins the overall show of our car.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My uncal planning to buy this car so please tell me its on road price?

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