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Maruti SX4 VXI Reviews


By Nitin Kumar

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti SX4 VXI – not the right choice in present scenario!

Pros : Safe, Mileage

Cons : Lack of features, looks, difficult to drive in city

I bought Maruti SX4 VXI two and a half years back and have been constantly driving it single-handedly since then. My experience with this car is rather an unhappy one. I know that this sedan is a popular choice for many buyers who are not keen on buying something flashy, sporty or expensive but even after undermining those attributes; there is something about SX4 which prevents me from recommending it.

Let’s see why?

·         The “A-Pillar” structure of the SX4 obstructs the rear view and the raised back side makes driving and parking difficult. It has 16” alloy wheels and a massive muscular structure that is more a burden amidst the congestion of city traffic. I mean that problem is faced by every big sedan but these issues get worsened due to its rear view problem. To add to problems, there is just one rear view indicator.

·         There isn’t any information about distance it can cover, till fuel is finished.

·         The rear seats of SX4 are uncomfortable, especially the middle rear seat. The plastics used in the interiors looks really cheap.

·         SX4 accelerates dead slowly on lower gears, that is absolutely frustrating.

·         The stock bulbs are poor, headlights are lousy and fog lamps are pathetic. On the whole, SX4 doesn’t look fresh and is also poor in functionality.

Such poor features totally wipe out any possibility that this car can now compete with the cut-throat competition of the C segment.  Though I admire the fact that SX4 is a safe car but that is just one favorable thing about this car. The things have changed really fast in the past 1-1.5 years. Many sedans with better overall features are available in the market. Even I would have not bought it, if it was 2012.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Maruti SX4 is a perfect package with a blend of basic features and safety features that make the car a safe car to drive.

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