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Maruti Swift LXI Reviews


By Anuja

Price: 9,03,800


Trust Has Been Let Down by Maruti Swift

Pros : great looks, nice performance and spacious

Cons : poor Quality of plastic and other parts used in its making

Hi people. I am Anuja and I reside in Patna. As every other citizen of India I even own the cute looking hatch back Maruti Swift LXI and it’s been more than two years that I have it. In the first few months I even loved the car due to its curvy structure like a baby elephant but later when I actually faced problems regarding poor quality parts and plastic used in its making, I really got disappointed a lot. Once I had an accident of the car somewhere and it got scratches on its sides. The color of the car was really affected on the part which collided. The dents and everything became a little messy. I sent it to service center and since then I am facing a huge problem.

Whenever I wash the car its plastic gets damaged easily even with a soft hand wash. The shine is getting dull day by day which makes it look very old. Also the fabric used in its upholstery is of cheap quality. The seat covers have got torn in few months, the harshness of brakes and the petrol lid which never get closed. I get tensed when I leave it that way only that if someone would steal petrol from my car. The music system’s CD player is very much moody. It works only when it wants to work. I am never able to fix it on time and have to wait and do several efforts so that it doesn’t get off beat again. The AC does not work superbly. It takes a lot of time to cool the car completely, especially the rear side. With these many problems I wonder why it is so much common car in the market that every other person has it.

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Khaja Thouheeduddin

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hi Anuja. Thouheed here! I am from Adilabad dist. AP of India. I just seen your description about the swift and I am also looking for a new swift with fully loaded. Know i got the latest version of swift the new generation of the King of the all cars, maruti suzuki swift sport sz-r. I hope you like this one. Just go for it.

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