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Maruti Ertiga VDI Reviews


By Sogith

Price: 9,03,800


ERTIGA-As it is-An unbaised review

Pros : Milage,Looks,Interiors,Erganomics,Resale value of maruthi,AC,Feature packed(almost close to ZDI varient)

Cons : luggage space,horn position

Hi all,i am Sogith.E.K from Mangalore.I had just booked an ERTIGA VDI option after researching upon many cars and MPVs.I have noticed that many  ppl r comparing ERTIGA with XYLO and INNOVA.This is not a car that belongs to that catagoery.The company itself calls it an compact MPV or in other words an LUV.Moreover it dosent belong to that price category too.so its not a fair comparison.but for those who still compare u can read the below facts

ERTIGA: is one stunning Vehicle which will not give u a taxi like looks(like innova and xylo) i can say the best looking mpv in india till today and still it can carry 7 ppl.I AM 6 FOOT  tall and i can still sit in all 3 rows though the third row may look a little cramped from outside it isnt that cramped when u sit in the 3rd row.but the other factors like milage 20.77kmpl and the power to weight ratio of the vehicle is stunning.it has got the right amount of torque and power to pull 7 ppl in comfort.Gearing in the ERTIGA is short except the fifth(a tall gear whch enables u to cruise in the highways with ease).Engine noise is bit prominent in Ertiga but not an irritating one.Finally ERTIGA is feature packed(ABS,EBD,Fog lamps,tilt steering,multi information dispaly,sterio,USB,AUX,foldable flexi seatings,Cup,bottle,ticket holderspower windows Electrically adjustable ORVMS,indicators on ORVMS etc etc....)and one big advantage of the ERTIGA is that it takes less parking sapce comparing to any MPV in india.and a short turning radius of 5.2meters

An XYLO E8 version(u cant compare versions below E8 like E4,D4,D2 as none of these cars r feature packed thay dont even hav a sterio or a music system.that is basically it will hav an AC and power steering and nothing else).Even the dashboard and seat quality is entierly different from E8.In case of E8 also it dosent hav all the features of an Ertiga(i can say that it has got some 80% of the Ertigas features.so still 20% of the features are missing).and it is around 1.7 lacks expensive than an Ertiga plus 6kml less fuel efficient than an Ertiga as per company claimed milages.Though Engine performance of XYLO is very good(good torque) it lacks when it comes to milage,body roll factors,and parking space(one will find it difficult to manovour in the city nor finding an parking space in the city as the vehicle is huge.but for sure its a comfortable vehicle to accomodate 7 or 8 ppl in comfort.Another negative of XYLO is its and Resale value but a maruthi will always hav good Resale value

INNOVA:An innova is almost 5 lacks expensive than an ERTIGA (for a varient having same features as an ERTIGA VDI) and 8 kmpl less fuel efficient than an Ertiga(As per company claimed milages) and all these MPVs are build on a chessi called BODY ON LADER Chessi(which will give u body roll and makes the car instable at times)but an Ertiga is build on a Monocoque chessi(which will give u better stability and less body roll).An innova is around 500kgs heavier than an ertiga and has fot only 12bhp extra than an ertiga and torque is same 200nm for both the vehicles and it develops almost around the same rpm too

thanks for reading my article 

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