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Mahindra Rexton RX5 Reviews


By Sumit

Price: 9,03,800


The durable Mahindra Rexton Rx5

Pros : plenty of space inside the car, has all the features

Cons : low mileage

The Mahindra Rexton Rx5 is an outcome of a partnership of Mahindra and Rexton. It has not been a very long time since the car got to be launched in the Indian car market and just after the time the car was launched I got one of these beautiful cars home. And I am really getting an immense pleasure in declaring that this is a very good car and is really very easy to drive and handle it. The car is filled with all sorts of features of every aspect, be it comfort, luxury, class or safety, this car has it all.  

The thing which really impressed me about this car apart from its great looks is the availability of all sorts of features and that too a class apart or I should say that all the things fitted in this car are the best in its class or price. The only thing which I do not really appreciate about this car is that the mileage of this car is quite or I should say very low than I had expected it to be. Other than this only thing I really like the car very much. The car is a lot of fun to drive as it has a lot of power but still it is very easy to drive. The car has a very good quality that it can be handled very easily. The mammoth size of this car is never a thing to worry for me while driving it about as the car really offers a very good control over it and it is always very easy to handle.

The luxury of this car is highly increased as it has a lot of space inside it in all the aspects, be it headroom, be it legroom or be it the knee room for the people who are sitting in the rear seat, everyone can be seated comfortably. The car also offers a lot of space inside it to keep my bags while I am traveling in the car, in the city or between different cities. The air condition of the car is also very good as it cools down the car very quickly in any kind of weather.

It is always very relaxing for me to take a long drive in this car as it always gives me very good quality of drive. The car has all the safety features fitted in this car which make it really a very safe one. After having all sorts of good things in it I personally wish from the bottom of my heart that if this car could give me some more mileage then it would have been even better. I may be expecting a little extra from this car of this size but it is my personal wish that this car should have a little more mileage.

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