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Hyundai i20 Petrol Magna (O) Reviews


By Mm Pinto

Price: 9,03,800


Got conned buying this car

Pros : Interiors, automation, comforts

Cons : engine power, mileage, suspensions

If you are looking for creature comforts, this car is great. Lovely automation. Keyless entry, It even tells you what gear to change to... just incase you don"t know that.

 Once you start driving you will realise how poor this engine performs. When trying to overtake there is no reserve power and you have to fall back. Climbing slopes with a full load has to be done with engine racing and a prayer on your lips, that you won't stall.

The showroom will tell you that the car gives 19 kmpl. However in reality the car gives a mere 11.5 kmpl at fuel conscious driving.

 Negotiating a speed breaker is a back breaking experience as the car jumps, and not rolls down the negative slope, even at a crawling speed.

 I bought this car to replace a swift for long distance highway driving as I was told it gives 19 kmpl, but since the fuel consumption is high and engine power less, it was a BIG MISTAKE buying this. I am back to doing the long distance runs in the diesel Swift which gives me 18.5 lmpl and has tremendous power for overtaking and negotiating inclines.

Be honest when your're selling the car. Don't lie to customers about the mileage.

I complained to the dealer about the low mileage and the Tech Manager's reply was ..perhaps carbon in the cylinder... C'mon guys, this is a new car. On the mileage test they tried to pull wool over my eyes with a number of tricks, and even ended getting 19.8 kmpl (more than the test bed mileage). Get real Hyundai! You can bluff some customers , but not all.

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