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Ford Fiesta Petrol Trend Reviews


By Aniket

Price: 9,03,800


Forget the cost and bring home the beast

Pros : Amazing exteriors, good fuel efficiency, comfortable interiors, low turning radius and a very cool easy to handle ride

Cons : Rear visibility, price range for all variants, blind spots and rear legroom

Recently I took test drive of the all new adoring Ford’s Fiesta and at the first glance I become surprised to see the exteriors which look stunning and smart than ever before, Whether its front, side or back everything is designed very carefully keeping even the minute details into consideration and have come up with a sexy stunning ride. I drove it on NH8 and here are my findings.

Gorgeous ride excited me at the very first glance and I seated on the drivers place to explore the hidden aspects about the car. Interiors are very luxurious and give a very nice feel. I pushed ignition and car started roaring like a bull. I was at 95kms/hr and still it was looking like 60 or 65, its handling is exceptional. Steering is very soft and can be handled even with a single finger, gear shift is very smooth and powerful engine makes the ride nothing short of a sports car ride.

Mileage is good and offers 13 with petrol (the one I was driving) and 18 with diesel. After sales service is good enough and spares are reasonably priced too but the initial investment is very high in comparison to the options available who also offers the same specifications but at a much better price.

Interior quality is awesome; the use of high quality upholstery gives it a very luxurious touch and makes it a very comfortable suite. Suspension is phenomenal and A/C is very powerful. Interiors are good in the front but the rear side legroom is cramped. Boot spaced provided is insufficient. Ford Fiesta is a rugged stuff and is undoubtedly a very good drive but the exorbitant price makes it a very expensive choice.

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