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Ford Fiesta Petrol Titanium Plus Reviews


By Praveen

Price: 9,03,800


Ford Fiesta, All that glitters is not gold!

Pros : sleek, stylish, outstanding design, great comfortable interiors

Cons : Fuel Efficiency, thumbs down

I was charmed at the very first sight of the new Ford Fiesta, it seemed magical, it looks caught my attention at the very glance and I decided to have my hands all over this magnificent automobile from Ford. I was determined to buy the sedan and so I finally did buy it but the hopes were somehow unmet. The sedan undoubtedly matches up to the style and excellence as it boasts but somehow fails to deliver mechanically and technically sound performance when it comes to the fuel efficiency and other aspects of engine performance.

It simply drinks fuel too much and perhaps I am dissatisfied with it keeping not within my pockets. The interiors of the car sober and serene with the sensuous dash and the beautiful glove box with the AC vents molded to perfection. The fabrics and material used in the trims and the seats deserve applause. The music system rocks and the design of the instrument panel and console are beautiful too. There is too much to talk about the ample space it dies provide for comfortable hauls without a sense of fatigue.

The engine is super powerful and I am not being a hypocrite but it does not simply make any justice with my concern over fuel consumption. There are no doubts that this very elegant sedan steals your breath away with its mesmerizing looks but then all that glitters is not gold! Although it’s worth the price it stands to by offering extraordinary advanced features of the modern times and has evolved well from the predecessor. I simply wish it could fill fit in my pockets with economic maintenance, so overall it would be 6 on 10 with the above pros and cons.

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Friday, August 24, 2012


Ford Fiesta is really stylish car..



Monday, September 10, 2012


Ford Fiesta is Cute face, strong built, efficient engine, decent mileage and comfortable.



Tuesday, September 25, 2012


All Ford cars are very stylish and good But my favorite is Ford Fiesta.

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