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Ford Fiesta Petrol Ambiente Reviews


By Rajshree

Price: 9,03,800


Ford Fiesta: Now my pocket can afford it …

Pros : Features, engine power and styling

Cons : Rear design is not much attractive

Hello!! The nearby dealer told me that Fiesta is now Rs. 1 lakh cheaper. I must say that this time I am gonna buy it. At the price of Rs. 7.23 lakh, Ford Fiesta is a killing product in the Indian market. The old Fiesta classic too was an efficient product in all prospects but the new Fiesta has got a better styling than its ancestors, however, I think that the company could have given the rear profile of this car a better appearance.

From, the front and the side profile, Ford Fiesta looks a real seductive product because of its fluidic front and side line trims. Not only, the glance of this car is exotic, but also the 1.5 liter engine power is it’s another positive. One my friend is also a proud owner of new Fiesta Style and its driving is totally unique. He is suggesting me to buy the new Fiesta Fiesta Ambiente and I am lucky that this time I going to buy it at a cheaper price.

I think that with the reduction in the price of Fiesta, Ford is going to create another history after its successful hatchback Figo. I too have driven my friend’s petrol Fiesta and to be honest, its power and torque churning caliber is mindblowing. Also, the 430 liter boot space of this car is enough to store ample of your stuff. Moreover, I heard that it has got commendable fuel economy of 13 – 14 kmpl in city conditions and 16 kmpl on highways, therefore, in petrol segment I think Fiesta is a value for money product. In parallel, I am also looking for Skoda Rapid, but I am worried about its maintenance and fuel economy.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This car gives good performance..

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