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Ford Fiesta Diesel Style Reviews


By Seema

Price: 9,03,800


Ford Fiesta Style Diesel –ride in panache and comfort.

Pros : Superb design, good fuel economy, innovative technological add-ons viz. voice control, Blue tooth etc.

Cons : Visibility issues, price

The selection of a car becomes difficult when you want a sedan with diesel engine. A good diesel engine that gives desired fuel economy and value for money is hard to choose.

Things have become even more complicated with the launch of various new cars from global brands.

I value reliability apart from ride, handling and price as vital factors in selecting a car. Ford Fiesta is not just good but utterly impressive considering its brand name. Though the prices of petrol variants were attractive I opted for the Ford Fiesta Style Diesel version.

Even at Rs.9-9.5 lakhs, Ford Fiesta Style Diesel is a winner as it offers ample space inside and comfort and good mileage. The space and comfort are definitely the USP of this vehicle. There are a lot of good features included in the car like the glove compartment, the rear view mirror with indicator and charger, vanity mirror et al. besides technological add-ons as Bluetooth and Voice control.

Engine performance and suspension of the car is simply superb as one gets nice acceleration, no jerks and stability at higher speeds. It touches high speed of 155 kmph in 14.2 seconds and steering and ride remains absolutely smooth. Fuel economy of 16+ in city and 22+ on highway is astounding, isn’t it!

Fiesta is best in its class and expensive cars like Honda city falls no way where near to extraordinary sporty look of Fiesta. It has a superb design, is immensely comfortable and comes packed with gadgets and controls within reach. Ford has also provided driver and front passenger air bags to make it the best in every respect.

Go for it buddy and feel the difference as it's different indeed!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Fiesta is good with its interior and mileage.

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