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Ford Fiesta Automatic Titanium Plus Reviews


By Tanni

Price: 9,03,800


Ford Fiesta can’t be handled easily

Pros : classy Exteriors, Lavish Interiors and Soothing Drive

Cons : High Fuel Cost

Hello guys! I am Taani and I have a Ford Fiesta Automatic Titanium Plus. This car is a terrific sedan which has changed the level of sedan segment in the car market of India due to its extremely significant looks. The car is of Rs 9.96 lakhs and efficient enough to take over every one’s heart due to its looks. Most of the features of the car are good enough but the six speed dual clutch power shift automatic transmission mated with 1499 cc TIVTC petrol engine was not up to the mark. The engine can easily churn out a decent power.

But can give out the meager mileage of 13 kmpl on city roads and 16.9 kmpl on highways. This is the only one thing disappointing me about the car and I am thinking to go with the diesel variant of same company or may be other.

As everyone are aware of the increasing prices of fuel so one will definitely want a car with high mileage. In between the cars were bought for its luxuriousness and people took chance with the fuel cost and maintenance cost. But as the high fuel rates have been very much common in India so car companies should think of some better services that they can assure their users.

I wish Ford Fiesta Automatic Titanium Plus would have been out in diesel variants even. Diesel cars deliver more mileage than petrol ones and diesel is cheaper in cost than petrol. Rest the car has everything common as in other cars so I like it for its features. If one have bought a car, so first thing I would expect in it to be the best is its mileage as to reduce my fuel expenses. But then the car has disappointed me at the same point and so I regret my decision of having it.

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