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Monday, March 11, 2013

By Abhishek

Mahindra Scorpio, best wagon for safety lovers

Pros : Low turning radius, easy to drive and a best value for money

Cons :I didn’t found anything as per me it’s a master piece without any flaws

Selecting a comfortable, luxurious and safe car for my parents was a problem initially I was not able to decide whether to go for a sedan or an SUV but my ultimate concern is the safety of my parents so I raised toast in favor of SUV’s. After coming on the consensus, I was able to see a.... [...]

Monday, January 28, 2013

By Raj Kapoor

Mahindra Scorpio proving to be a disappointment

Pros : stylish looks, powerful engine, great space & comfort

Cons :expensive and poor average

Hii I am Raj Kapoor from Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh. I have a Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT 2WD BS IV Airbag. Its style and looks are one that does not need a description as it is quite evident that it has the one of best looks of all the cars at present in the country. Well that could be my point of view.... [...]

Thursday, July 19, 2012

By Raj Shekhar

I’m LOVING THE RAIN WITH MY Mahindra Scorpio!

Pros : Big tyre size reduces the risk of skidding.

Cons :no rain sensors, front and rear fog lights, rear window washer, rear window wiper, rear window defogger not present

Hey people... this is Raj Shekhar from Chandigarh. I am using the Mahindra Scorpio EX BS III from the last four years. The SUV is just excellent and I can’t stop admiring it even after four years of purchasing it. The SUV has bold and stylish looks, super-trendy interiors, and excellent.... [...]

Monday, July 16, 2012

By Tribhuvan

My friend owns the royal Mahindra Scorpio!

Pros : Extremely powerful engine, great to drive, safe car, strong body and royal sporty look

Cons :Alloy wheels and airbags not present

One of my best friends owns the Mahindra Scorpio M2DI BS III so I thought I can share his as well as my experience about the car with all of us here. He owns the car from the last six years and is a proud and happy owner of it. I am the witness. As we all know that the car has that unique royal.... [...]

Monday, June 4, 2012

By Sushant Verma

Tough, expensive and efficient Scorpio crossover

Pros : rugged looks, mhawk engine, performance

Cons :plastics, rear design, price

Buddies, I am Sushant from Mumbai, last month got an opportunity to drive my friend’s 2-3 months old Mahindra Scorpio on a 2000-2500 kms journey across nation with full house in the cabin. The beefy SUV has always been my dream vehicle since its launch, but never got such a deep insight.... [...]

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

By Ramchandra

Mahindra Scorpio EX high on mileage!

Pros : good mileage, bold looks and comfortable interiors

Cons :high price

Hello guys! I am a factory manager and my factory is located about 80 kms away from my residence. Therefore, it was very important for me to buy a car, which was not only comfortable but also offer great power and mileage. So meeting all my needs and requirements was the Mahindra Scorpio EX SUV,.... [...]

Friday, May 25, 2012

By Ishan Sareen

India goes diesel with petrol price hike

Pros : Powerful engine, low price for a SUV

Cons :Lack of power windows, ABS, airbags

Diesel car was on my mind for a long time but the sudden bump in petrol prices have made me impatient now to buy a diesel car. Mahindra Scorpio has been my favourite, though I will go for Mahindra Scorpio EX BS IV variant that is priced at Rs 7.79 (ex-showroom price). Petrol car is not an.... [...]

Monday, May 21, 2012

By Lucky

Good up till now, can be improved

Pros : Looks, mHawk, mileage

Cons :braking, plastics inside

I own a white color Scorpio SLE, if XUV500 is cheetah, this is white Tiger. My baby is now 1 year old and has clocked a good 16000 kilometers. The imposing stance makes you feel king of the road. A feel of delight with comes when mHawk roars at its best, not only it growls but also returns good.... [...]

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

By Yashwant

Scorpio: Daddy of off-roaders

Pros : Powerful, Terrain master and comfortable interiors

Cons :Engine noise

This is Yashwant Trivedi from Dehradun, Uttrakhand and I am here to give you my views about my newly purchased Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT 2WD BS IV variant. It is the best off-roader to purchase available with automatic transmission. Though, it is a 2WD SUV, but its driving feel is incredible as it.... [...]

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

By Tej

Safety at its best

Pros : Bold looks, excellent safety features and comfortable interiors

Cons :A little high price and less mileage

Mahindra and Mahindra is known for making high performance and safe SUVs. This is the only reason I bought Mahindra Scorpio VLX Special Edition 2WD BS IV Airbag variant. For me safety of my family and car were the foremost things that I was concerned of and this SUV by M&M provided me with.... [...]

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

By Ratan

Mahindra Scorpio LX BSIV Tough But Cozy

Pros : Reasonable price tag, gigantic diesel engine, comfortable interiors, exterior design, mileage

Cons :Features are very basic; no automatic transmission is enabled

I never understand the need of going for another SUV else than Mahindra Scorpio LX BSIV as this car is one of the most affordable yet fully utility oriented vehicle that is bound to serve almost every day to day need of its owner. To start with I found the 2.2L, mHawk CRDe diesel engine with.... [...]

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

By Suresh

Scorpio – Purely meant for on-road & off-road conditions

Pros : Resistive and crash tested powerful outfit, efficient in drive and stable

Cons :The front axle ground clearance is low and braking is not much efficient

Mahindra Scorpio SLE BS III has been the main reason for most of my travel expeditions and tours across the nation. I have driven my Scorpio on almost different conditions and the experience has been outstanding. I purchased this car 2.5 years ago and there have been lots of exciting adventures.... [...]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

By Nikhil

Mahindra Scorpio : My Indian Hummer J

Pros : Phenomenal driving, superb dynamics and good mileage

Cons :Noisy engine and more features could have been added

Hi!!! I am Nikhil Sharma from Dehradun, I bought Mahindra Scorpio VLX three years back. My overall experience with Scorpio has been excellent. I believe that the Scorpio is much better than Tata Safari and Mahindra Bolero. From the exteriors, my Scorpio looks like the American SUV, Hummer. .... [...]

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

By Rajeev

Scorpio has a great scope

Pros : powerful engine, masculine looks

Cons :interiors, price, fuel economy

  Mahindra Scorpio is the car that I chose just because of my large family. The interiors of car have great space to accommodate 7 to 8 people easily. Scorpio has an extremely powerful engine and gives a comfortable handling even at higher speeds even at highways. Scorpio has attractive.... [...]

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