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User Reviews of audi a5 (2)

Monday, March 11, 2013

By Raghav

Audi A5: Best mix of power, style and Luxury

Pros : Strong and effective shock absorbers, ultra luxurious interiors, rugged attire, soft to drive, best vehicle for long drives

Cons :Very pricy, high maintenance cost, low mileage

One can easily recall the grandmaster of the finest of the luxurious cars in our country and is also the name that jingles in our mind when we think of the synonymous for power, status, luxury, style and apex level of comfort; it’s none other than “The Audi”. It’s a.... [...]

Friday, February 8, 2013

By Sidharth

Audi A5 loaded with Tweaks and alteration

Pros : brand name, impressive exteriors with inspiring interiors

Cons :high price

I am a true car fanatic and a very big Audi fan! I keep an eye on every Audi car and the recent one that I am interested in is the upcoming Audi A5. Researching about the new Audi A5, the car seemed very impressive to me. However, I don’t know the exact launch of the car in India, but I.... [...]

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