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Thursday, September 14, 2023

By Kamal Swami

Now Send SOS Messages From Your Car With iPhone 15

The name of the iPhone in itself is a symbol of a device with extraordinary features, and therefore the recent launch of iPhone 15 is no exception to this. According to reports, the new launch from the technology giant is empowered with satellite Roadside Assistance in collaboration with AAA. Apple has updated this feature also in the iPhone 14 series. The buyers of these phones will receive two years of Emergency SOS and Roadside Assistance for free upon activating this feature. The services offered to users are provided under AAA membership terms or offered on a pay-per-use basis for non-AAA members.
At present, the Roadside Assistance service is offered to only residents of the United States and is an extension version of the Emergency SOS via satellite feature introduced in iPhone 14 launched last year. To use these services, users have to use Apple’s Emergency Text via satellite option in emergencies when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi network available to the driver. With the availability of this feature, a driver can send an emergency SOS message in situations where he faces problems like running out of fuel, dead battery, locked out, flat tyres, etc. The SOS message will be sent directly to AAA to provide immediate assistance.
The users of the iPhone 15 will also be given the necessary training and guidance for staying connected to a satellite and chatting with AAA agents in case of an emergency. On connecting with an AAA agent a pop-up will appear on the screen of the phone with some some questions. In reply to these questions, the AAA agent will provide the necessary help to the user at his location.
The only drawback of this feature is that it requires a strong network to connect with the satellite and send a message without any obstacles. If you are stuck in an area with low network connectivity or no connectivity to the satellite then you can’t send a message for help. To receive off-road assistance it is necessary to be located in an area with a strong connectivity to the network.

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