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Monday, August 14, 2023

By Kamal Swami

Mahindra XUV400 EV Buyers Disappointed By Its Performance

The compact SUV XUV400 Electric from the domestic carmaker Mahindra & Mahindra received an overwhelming response from the buyers after its launch. However, after some time the compact SUV started receiving negative responses from the buyers about its performance. In a recent incident, one of the first buyers of the electric compact SUV not only accused the carmaker but also regretted his decision to buy the electronic compact SUV.
Mahindra XUV400 EV Front View
The earlier buyer of XUV400 complained that the company didn’t provide him with the discounts offered to early birds for buying the vehicle before buying the vehicle before the end of the deal. Moving ahead, after he opted for the offer, the company introduced another discount offer by cutting the price up to Rs 1 lakh. This step by the company compelled him to think about the company’s loyalty to its customers.
Features Missing In the XUV400 EV: The owner also complained regarding the presence of features announced at the time of its launch. The SUV  doesn’t carry features like cruise control, traction control and ESP, displayed and endorsed to be present in the SUV. He also said, that all these features were present in the unit he drove during the test drive. But all these features were absent after he bought the vehicle. All these incidents weakened his trust in the company. 
In between all these complaints, the buyer also questioned about the working of some features. According to him the application Bluesense+ app, which is connected with 59 car connect features always displays the sign of offline. He said that despite many complaints the company didn’t rectified the issue to date.

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