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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

By Manoj Kumawat

Discounts Scheme Launched for Tata Tiago, Nexon, Tiger, Hexa and Safari

To enhance and encourage sales and current market behavious, manufacturers are restoring to customer benefit plans by launching discount schemes. Tata Motors has named this discount scheme as ‘Great Cars Great Benefits’ campaign to boost its customers morale.


As per an official of Tata Motors, the sales have been going positive till the last month. Infact, the sales growth is just left a number to count on with the start of current financial year. The potential customers are waiting for BSVI compliant vehicles. Therefore, the buying activity for the festive period has taken a backseat and similar to the long awaited monsoon, car dealers and manufacturers are also waiting for the better lean period for the society.

This ‘Great Cars Great Benefits’ campaign is valid and open for all potential passenger vehicle customers giving them a benefit of upto INR 86000 (Delhi price) on an offer for vehicles like Tata Tiago, Nexon, Tigor, Hexa and Safari Storme. All this is under the car National Exchange Scheme. This offer further entails an exchange bonus over and above car price evaluation.


Under this campaign, the customers are offered to avail exchange bonus of upto INR 40,000 depending on the vehicle model. Additionally, the customers get a chance to win 1 gm gold coin worth Rs. 3,350. apart from this they can avail any of these offers of same booking values till 15th june. Make the most of ‘ Tata Great Cars Great Benefits campaign’ in the rest 4 days left.


The maximum benefits are at a roundabout of as follows – Rs 70k for a Hexa (Rs 13.26L); 55k for a Nexon (Rs 6.72L); 68k on a Tiago (Rs 4.49l); and 70k on a Tigor (Rs 5.55L), reports exclaimed.


In addition to the ongoing Tata Motors Great Cars Great Benefits campaign, the auto manufacturer is also doling out in store special offers designed for Government Employees, Corporates, Doctors, Teachers, and Farmers.


As per the records, ‘May 2018 sales are reported at 38 percent sales decline with Tata Motors reporting 10,900 units sold, down from 17,489 units sold in May 2018. In April 2019, Tata Motors reported 12,694 cars sold, down 26 percent from 17,235 units sold in April 2018’.

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