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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

By Manoj Kumawat

Ban On Old Diesel Cars Extended In Delhi

To control the norms of emission in the Delhi-NCR region, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had issued an order to ban the use of diesel and petrol-powered vehicles. According to the order the diesel vehicles which are more than ten years old, and the petrol vehicles which are more than fifteen years old need not be allowed to run on the roads.
The order by NGT was not less than a shock for the old vehicle owners, especially those who owned diesel vehicles. Because the strict implementation of this order meant the stoppage of thousands of vehicles in the region. Going through the concern of such vehicle owners, the Delhi government has found a middle way that will offer some relaxation to these vehicle owners.
According to the new order passed by the Delhi government, diesel vehicles that are more than ten years old can continue to run in the Delhi-NCR region provided they convert their vehicles into electric vehicles. The news regarding this was confirmed by Kailash Gahlot, Miniter of Transportation, Delhi Government, through his Twitter account. This order effective surpasses the order passed by NGT, to ban the operation of diesel and petrol vehicles which are ten and fifteen years older respectively. This order not only allows the old vehicle owners to use their vehicles but also helps in developing an environment for encouraging the use of electric vehicles.
One thing which is confusing about this order is that there is no mention regarding the use of petrol-powered vehicles which are fifteen years older.  However, certain formalities need to be accomplished before the implementation of this order. The Ministry of Transport, Delhi government will have to first make a panel of manufacturers manufacturing electric kits approved by the testing agencies. Moving ahead, the manufacturers of the electric vehicle kits will need to receive the certificate to manufacture the kit for each model. Once both these formalities are accomplished, the owners of old vehicles can drive their vehicles in the NCR region for a long time.

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