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Volkswagen Beetle brochure disclosed online

November 17, 2015: It is reported that brochure of Volkswagen Beetle is leaked in cyber world giving the complete glimpse of features that would be adorned in new version of this bug shaped car which is soon going to make its debut in Indian car market. The car would be offered in petrol variant which would be empowered 1.4 litre TSI turbocharged engine boosting the power of 147 PS and mated with 7 speed DSG gearbox. Apart from all this the upcoming version of Beetle would be equipped with huge fleet of various remarkable and awesome features. 

Volkswagen Beetle Review by Expert

Volkswagen Beetle PicturesVolkswagen Beetle is the bug shaped car that is sold as an economy car from the German car maker across the world. The car is available worldwide in almost every space including, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Europe, South and North America. The people’s car sold like anything and almost 21 million people owned it before the first generation car was replaced by a new Beetle in 2003. Further the Beetle got a makeover and was continued till 2011. It was in 2012 that the new Volkswagen Beetle was launched and it is the new car that is available in major markets of the world. However in India, the 2011 model is available. The new Volkswagen Beetle was unveiled at the Auto Expo and since then the market is eagerly waiting for the new car to be launched in India.

The German car maker started producing the Beetle shaped compact car back in 1937 and it is now around 75 years old car but the charm for the car is still fresh with a lot of buyers in the world. All the more Volkswagen Beetle is expected to play a vital role in enabling VW to attain the 8 lakh US car sales target by 2018.

Volkswagen Beetle PicturesOriginally a design creation of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and Erwin Komend, the bug shaped car has been most popular among women following its looks, small manageable size and other features. However, it is not at all restricted to the female car buyers and men specially buy it for its awesome looks and sheer driving pleasure besides power within it. In India, the Volkswagen Beetle was launched on 5 Dec 2009 and since then, the car has been more than just a product for the German car maker, it is an icon instead.

Currently priced at Rs 21.22 lakh ex-showroom, the two door-four seater car rivals Mini Cooper by arch rival BMW. The Volkswagen Beetle is a small car offered in a 2 L 6 speed automatic transmission mated petrol engine only option. The new Beetle as it is called in India is a worth addition to the lineup and all the more, the new 2012 Beetle with all new body styling, new Xenon headlamps and other features is soon to replace the current generation car.


Volkswagen Beetle Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

It is due to the highly powered 2 L engine that produces 116 PS power at 5400 rpm and a peak torque of 172 Nm at only 3200 rpm. The four cylinder petrol engine is highly frugal even at 116 PS output and is mated to a six speed automatic gearbox. The present generation Volkswagen Beetle mileage is around 9 kmpl in the city and 13 kmpl on the highways with a combined mileage of 11 kmpl. This is a decent mileage for the car with 1984 cc engine over its rear wheel.

Being a petrol only avatar and the rising petrol prices along with high price due to the duty on imported completely built up units otherwise it is around Rs 10 lakh (around 17000 pounds). Experts believe the introduction of a diesel model will be an added advantage to the small car Beetle and will step up its prospects in India. Besides, the launch of the new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle will add to the charm for the car as the new model of the bug shaped rear engine car is really impressive both in terms of performance and mileage delivery.

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 9 kmpl 13 kmpl


Volkswagen Beetle Models and Features

Variant Features
Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 This is the only VW Beetle model available in India and is petrol powered car. This car has a 1984 cc engine that produces 116 PS of power and a peak torque of 172 Nm. The car is equipped with an array of features besides the trust of 75 years. The 6 speed automatic transmission car is just over four meters and is equipped with all disc brakes, four airbags and climate controlled air conditioning that also has dust and pollen filters. The windows are power operated with anti-pinch function. The window glasses are tinted and are heat insulated to keep the inside temperature constant even in extreme hot weather. A radio “Gamma” with 6 CD changer ensures the entertainment inside. 


Volkswagen Beetle Engine, Power and Performance

The Volkswagen Beetle engine that is 1984 cc 4-cylinder petrol engine has a capacity to produce power equal to 116 PS (85 KW) @ 5400 rpm and a peak torque of 172 Nm @ 3200 rpm. The engine tuned to output power and performance even at low speeds. Mated to a six speed automatic transmission means performance trouble free and convenient. The dual clutch technology also makes the Beetle far more comfortable that the previous generation car. The womanish car that has been tagged as Gay Car of the year in UK a lot of times is all set to shed its womanly elegance and a close look at the new design of the Beetle reveals that it has evolved in both looks and power delivery. The Volkswagen Beetle, a small bug shaped car in India, is sold for the reason that it is the best selling VW car worldwide.


Volkswagen Beetle Pick up and Acceleration

With 2 L engine that too in petrol the Beetle is never at a want for some power. The small car has a 116 PS  engine that catches 100 kmph of speed in just 14.1 seconds and has a top speed of 187 kmph. The Volkswagen Beetle being designed aerodynamically has greater speed and thus it has the perfect combination of body styling as well as speed.


Volkswagen Beetle Interiors and Features

Volkswagen Beetle Front Seats PicturesThe car that looks small from the outside is not at all cramped on the inside. It has a comfortable seating for four six footers. At an overall length of 4129 mm and a width of 1721 mm the car promises decent space inside. However, occupying the rear seats through the front door is quite uneasy for the occupants. Also being only around 1.5 m in height the Volkswagen Beetle is small. On the inside, there are a couple of things that grab the attention and these are the uniquely shaped door handles that are designed as per the overall rounded shape of the car. There are a lot of comfort features such as the presence of the cup holder near the gear knob that ensures that the coffee mug is just in reach while driving as well. The MP3 compatible Gamma audio system takes care of the entertainment on the go. The outside temperature and clock display is placed just above the rear view mirror inside. There is use of high grade plastics and rubber inside the Volkswagen Beetle making it upbeat with the premium hatchback title. Through the leather wrapped three spoke steering is visible the instrument panel that has a large dial speedometer with two smaller tachometer and fuel dial type meters. Along with there are so many indicators that show the vital information about the car. Overall, the car interiors are adorned with comfortable height adjustable seats and a tilt and adjustable steering that makes the driving of Beetle all the more convenient and pleasurable.


Volkswagen Beetle Exterior and Features

Volkswagen Beetle Headlight PicturesA lot has been said about the bug shaped car and there is a lot seems to be unsaid about the new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. However, it is sure that VW iconic car has sold in greater numbers all due to its big shape and awesome styling. The car has taken the world by storm since 1937 and even today despite of many rivals in place, the Beetle has its own lovers who want only and only a Beetle car. Designed to be small car, the Volkswagen Beetle has exteriors matching that of a bug and rat. But in its actual shape it is actually more than a small car. The Beetle has though reduced in height than the first generation car; the Volkswagen car has preserved its overall styling close to original. Very bold wheel arches, nosed hood and a almost inverted U shaped roof line with two bug eye shaped headlamps and the VW logo sitting at the front centre of the bonnet all conjure to make it a car that is worth looking at.

Volkswagen Beetle Wheel and Tyre PicturesVolkswagen too in its promotion of the car says, ‘once you will not be able to have your eyes off it and then hands.” This is the sheer designing of the car that is unmatched. The headlamps of the new Volkswagen Beetle are barreled ones and are positioned almost exactly at the same height as the tail lamps are. There is also a second brake light placed on the top inside of the rear windscreen further boosting the looks of the car. The car has striking features that it lacks the front radiator grille as the engine of the car is placed at the rear. The two door car has a rood antenna that also steps up the looks and makes it a sporty small car. Overall, the car has rounded contours.


Safety Features in Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle Courtsey Lamps PictureDespite of being a city car, the Volkswagen Beetle should not be understood have minimal safety features. It has four airbags, latest anti lock braking system, electronic brakeforce distribution system and head restraint system inside all shed off its image of only a small car. Besides, the overall body mechanism is made up of reinforced steel and thus occupants are in a safety cocoon inside the new Beetle. The Volkswagen Beetle also gives the option to switch on and off the Electronic stability program and the air bags. Besides, the doors have warning lights so that passerby can see that the door of the car is open.


Volkswagen Beetle Driving and Handling

Volkswagen Beetle Steering Wheel PicturesHandling the car with a responsive 2 L 116 PS engine is far more easier. Also, worth mentioning is the latest steering system that VW has put in the Beetle car. Also the steering though lacks cruise control and other features but it can be rake and reach adjusted as per the convenience of the driver. Handling it on Indian roads with a ground clearance of 120 mm is also decently well. The Volkswagen Beetle turning radius is 5.5 m thus handling it as a city car is far more easier. With the six speed automatic transmission, driving the Beetle in the city or on highways is a fun.


Volkswagen Beetle Accessories

Volkswagen Beetle Stereo PicturesVolkswagen has put in so many accessories as standard in the Beetle that there is a seldom need of other optional accessories. The new Volkswagen Beetle comes with electrically adjusted and heated outside rear view mirrors, power steering, power windows with anti-pinch technology. In addition to this, the driver and front passenger seat are adjustable. So is the steering which is rack and reach adjustable. There are buttons for the fuel flap and the luggage compartment. Apart from this, the Beetle also comes with so many accessories that are part of the standard equipment and thus gives you an edge that you need not go for a higher trim to have so many features. 


Volkswagen Beetle Conclusion

Volkswagen Beetle has typically no rival. Reason is simple: Its design, German comfort and above all its shape. The bug shaped Beetle is a car that is most famous among women but men prefer it for its small size and convenience besides the German technology. In India, the car comes in 2L petrol version only at a start price of Rs 21.22 lakh. At this price, the Volkswagen Beetle crosses the price band of even the luxury hatchbacks.

Thus, by sticking to the completely built up route, what VW seems to reflect to the Indians is that realizing one’s passion is at a price and Buying Beetle is none less than a passion. In all, the car is worth buying as a masterpiece car by VW that has almost ruled the small car segment for some 30 years. The new 2012 Beetle nearing its launch in India is much more improved than the present generation Beetle in the country. It could be possible that VW brings in the Volkswagen Beetle diesel in India.

Volkswagen Beetle Variants

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