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167 Units of Prius recalled

February 13, 2014: Toyota has recalled 167 units of Prius sedan from Indian car market due to some technical problem. According to sources of company the problem is associated with software which makes the car to enter is safe mode. It is reported that company will contact to the customers of effected vehicles and will rectify the error without any charges

Toyota Prius PictureThe Solar Powered Ventilation System works when the vehicle is parked while the Easy Seat that is placed next to the driver seat can be rotated and slides in order to provide easy entry and exit to the person with medical problems related to knees.

Toyota Motors, with a brand new horizon ahead, has launched its new eco-friendly product Toyota Prius. Prius has a very dashing body design and the most important thing is that it takes care of nature. Toyota Prius was launched in India in January 2010 and the sedan is able to set a benchmark in Indian market.The sedan is a 3rd generation product and the company takes full care of its fuel economy and high technology. Toyota Prius is available in two variants Toyota Prius Z3 and Toyota Prius Z4 which vary only in seat material and seat heater.

Gaining momentum slowly, it is the second semi electric car in India after Honda Civic Hybrid. Due to its high price tag, it got a slow start in Indian market but its body design and its high technology accelerated its sale. This eco-friendly sedan has a price tag of about 28 lacks and the model that is sold in Indian market is one generation behind the latest model that is sold in US.

Toyota Prius gains points when fuel economy comes into play. The car has shown excellent test results and is attracting its customers by its impressive looks and eye candy body design. The other features of the sedan are very luxurious and the company is expecting good results from the sedan.


Toyota Prius Milage and Fuel Economy

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Toyota Prius Z3 22.4 Kmpl 30.2 Kmpl
Toyota Prius Z4  22.4 Kmpl 30.2 Kmpl


Toyota Prius Picture

Toyota Prius Models and Features

Toyota Prius comes in two variants Toyota Prius Z3 and Toyota Prius Z4. Both the variants are in petrol engine variant combined with electric motor. The former variant comes with all the standard and luxury features except seat heater and fabric seat material. The later variant also has all the luxurious features including seat heater and leather seat material are added in this variant. Toyota Prius Z3 has a price tag of 26,76,792 INR and Toyota Prius Z4 has a price tag of 28,10,092 INR. According to the market, the sedan has a high price tag but the nature friendly engine including with luxurious features justifies the high price of the sedan.

Toyota Prius Picture The sedan is embedded with a petrol engine and two 650 electric motor generators. The petrol engine capacity is 1.8 L. The combined power output of both the components is 100kw. Toyota Prius has shown a very good statistics in fuel economy according to the test results. The 1.8L 2ZR-FXE petrol engine produces 73 kw of maximum power at 5,200 rpm and 142 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. While the electric motor generates a peak power of 60 kw and 207 Nm of peak torque. The driver can choose from three driving modes available in the sedan. This feature is added by the company by developing its Hybrid Synergy Drive technology and embedding it into this masterpiece.The Hybrid Synergy Drive technology enhances fuel efficiency, power, torque and acceleration along with less carbon emission thus takes care of the remaining trees left on the earth.When used on electric mode or combined mode of petrol and motor, the fuel efficiency is increased up to 35 per cent.


Toyota Prius Colors


Toyota Prius in White Color Toyota Prius in White Color Toyota Prius in White Color Toyota Prius in White Color
White Pearl Crystal Shine Silver Beige Abyss Grey



Toyota Prius Engine, Power and Performance

The new Toyota Prius is powered by a 1.8 litre2ZR-FXE petrol engine with a displacement of 1798cc. The engine type is 4 cylinders, in line with twin cam, 16 valves with VVT-i. The engine of this sedan pumps out a power train of 73 kw peak power at 5200 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 142 Nm at 4000 rpm. The company has included VVT-i technology for high power, torque, fuel economy and acceleration.The VVT-i technology is also supported by Atkinson cycle and a cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system and electric water pump. Also the Toyota Prius is fitted with an electric motor of 650V which generates 60 kw of peak power and 207 Nm of peak torque. The capacity of the battery is Ah 6.5 (2h) and the battery type is Sealed Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal hydride). There are three modes to drive Toyota Prius which include Power mode, Eco mode and Electric Vehicle mode. When the sedan is started, the two electric motors are used. Even driving the car in city limits of 30 kmph, these electric motors are used. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system delivers the power even to the motors which in turn power the wheels. The planetary gear system has been brought to use to reduce the losses due to conventional CVT system. The battery life is good and the on board computer takes care of the electric motor and they never get fully discharged or even fully charged.


Toyota Prius Pickup and Acceleration

Engine Variant
Max. Power (bhp) Max. Torque (Nm) Pickup (0- 100) (sec.) Top Speed(kmph) Transmission
1.8 Petrol 100 142 12.4 156 5 Speed Manual

Toyota Prius Tachometer PictureThe Toyota Prius comes with a 1.8 l petrol engine and two electric motors. The petrol engine type as mentioned above is 4 cylinder, Inline Twin Cam, 16 valve with VVT-i with 1798cc displacement. The maximum power produced by the petrol engine is 73 kw at 5200 rpm and 142 Nm of peak torque at 4000 rpm. Whereas the electric motor produces maximum power of 60 kw and maximum torque of 207 Nm. The combined power output is 100 kw. The VVT-I technology is added to take care of fuel economy and less carbon emission and Hybrid Synergy Drive technology promises more power, acceleration, power and greater fuel economy. When the Toyota Prius starts, electric motors are used and also they are automatically turned off when the car is stopped in traffic. Also the light weight of the sedan enhances the fuel economy.


Toyota Prius Interiors and Features

Toyota Prius Front & Rear Seats PictureThe Toyota Prius welcomes its passengers with appreciable and luxurious interiors that will charm their mood in every possible manner. The front cabin has high tech user friendly and class leading features. The very first look at the steering wheel describes the richness of the car. The 4 spoke steering wheel has big diameter with audio and Bluetooth controls adds to the cool looks of the interiors.The centrally positioned dashboard has advanced audio system comprised of radio tuner, CD player and changer, audio system remote control and 8 speakers. A 3.5 mm audio jack is added so that you can connect your music player. Also a Bluetooth device is added so that you can play songs on speakers without connecting your phone via cord. Below the audio system, the AC system tools are fitted. The AC system in Toyota Prius has pollen removal mode and clean air filter and the system is quick responding. Also for driver’s comfort, lower windshield glass is added which is used to show head up display. The display shows information like vehicle speed, hybrid system indicator, revs, battery charge, different modes and actual fuel economy been displayed which helps driver to keep an eye on the performance of the car.

Now talking about seats, they are comfortable and Toyota Prius Features Control Button Pictureas mentioned earlier, Toyota Prius Z3 model does not have leather seats and seat heater and Prius Z4 has these features as mentioned earlier. There is a glove box and an upper box in which small stuff can be stuffed. The front seat backs are designed in slim to provide ample knee room for a rear passenger. The rear seats are comfortable and are inclined to give good support to lower back of passengers. Also they are foldable and can be used for different load and passenger option. The ample headroom and legroom are comfortable. The rear and front leg room are sufficiently big and can accommodate one 6 footer behind other.There is no central tunnel intrusion as well. The loading lip is high due to the Kammback tail. The boot space in Toyota Prius is also very good and it has an electric operation. The boot space is big enough to fit 3 golf bags. The only drawback in the interior of this luxurious sedan is that its visibility through the rear window is troublesome due to backseat headrests and rear spoiler.


Toyota Prius Exteriors and Features

Toyota Prius Head Light PictureToyota Prius is blessed with sporty and aggressive features. As compared to 1st and 2nd generations, many modifications are done in this 3rd generation of Prius. The front face of the sedan is stunning with sleek upper grille and snub nose. The upper grille is split in middle and has Toyota logo at top of the point.The front headlight cluster has a diamond cut shape and it contains projector beam halogen type headlamps with auto off feature. The lower grille is rectangular in shape and is black in color. To give a distinctive design, the vertical stacked fog light slot and turn indicators are separated from the lower grille. To give the Toyota Prius a sporty touch, front side skirt is added to the car. Door handles and front and rear bumper comes in body color. Also the electronically powered outside rear view mirrors along with indicator lamps are in body color. Semi chrome finish is added to the side skirts and it adds to the aggressive look of the car. The front hood flows into the front windshield and goes to a slim and lower slung roofline.

Toyota Prius Wheel PictureNow talking about the rear end, the LED tail light cluster has break light, reverse light and turn indicator and like front turn indicators, they are too in vertically shape. The rear hatch is wide and impressive and adds beauty to the sporty look of the luxurious sedan and aerodynamic rear deck spoiler is added at the top of the hatch. Toyota logo is embedded at the middle of the hatch. An antenna is mounted on the sleek roof at rear side.The Washer linked variable intermittent front wipers and intermittent rear window wiper features are added to the Toyota Prius.The alloy wheels are five spoke 15 inch which adds to the beauty of the car. The body appears to be big but its weight is only 1805 kg. The overall length of the car is 4460mm, width is 1745mm and height is 1510mm and wheelbase is large enough of about 2700mm.


Safety and Features in Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Voice Call PictureToyota Motors has taken all measures to keep driver and passengers safe. The new Toyota Prius is blessed with Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) drive airbags, front passenger airbags, side airbags, driver knee airbags, side airbag and curtain shield airbags. Active headrest of front seats is added for the rear collision which reduces impact on neck and back of the front occupants. Crash safety body adds to the safety features which reduce the impact of collision for car passengers.


Toyota Prius Driving and Handling

Toyota Prius Steering Picture The Toyota Prius is embedded with advanced braking system including front ventilated disc brake and rear solid disc.The brake type is hydraulic with electronic control and regenerative and it works with Electronically Controlled Brake system which provides the optimum braking force relative to brake pedal operation. Also the new Toyota Prius has got latest shock absorbers at both the end which makes the car go swiftly on bumpy roads.The front fork is Macpherson Strut which is gas filled with a stabilizer bar and the rear fork is also gas filled Torison beam type. When driving comes, the sedan is very quiet. It is a matter of concern for bicyclers and pedestrians who depend on engine noise for the vehicles coming from back.


Toyota Prius Stereo and Accessories

The audio system fitted in Toyota Prius is surely a thing to talk about. It has a radio tuner and CD player with changer and supports 8 speakers. Steering wheel is also embedded with audio controls. A 3.5 mm jack is added which allows user to play songs directly by connecting MP3 player or mobile phone. Below the audio system, the AC system tools are fitted with pollen removal mode and clean air filter. Also the AC system is quick responding system so you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the cooling effect like in other cars.


Toyota Prius Conclusion

The eco-friendly Toyota Prius offers luxury, utility, comfort and performance with a price that is worth spending on this sedan. With its eco-friendly feature, it will set a benchmark for Toyota Motors.

Toyota Prius Variants

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Toyota Prius Petrol
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1798 cc , Petrol

10.2 Kmpl (City)
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*Console Box *Aggressive Front Air Drum *Power Steering *3 Drive Mode Switch *JBL Audio CD Player


Get On Road Price
1798 cc , Petrol

10.2 Kmpl (City)
14.5 Kmpl (Highway)

*Leather Upholstery *Glass Roof *Smart Entry with Push Start *7 SRS Air Bags

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