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Tata Sumo Grande Review

 Tata Sumo Grande to be known as Movus

March 13, 2014: Tata Motors is going to rename its SUV Sumo Grande as Movus in coming future and will be equipped with 2.2 litre VanCOr engine which is same as offered in Tata Safari Storme. The new SUV Movus will be adorned with various interesting features including high defined music system supporting connectivity with Bluetooth, USB and aux-input, improved suspension system and many more.

Tata Sumo Grande PictureThe Tata Sumo Grande MK II is surely a car which you want to give a closer look. The front grille is chromed line and makes SUV a fresh face, the side mirrors are provided with LED blinkers, which is quite a distinctive design. The side view of Tata Sumo Grande MK II is also improved with introduction of chrome inserted rub rails. The headlights and taillights of the new Tata Sumo are compatible with design where as wheels look sporty with new designed rims and the striking thing is spare wheel is not visible unlike previous Sumo, this time spare wheel is tucked under the floor thus giving Tata Sumo Grande MK II a classy look.
Tata Sumo Grande PictureThe interiors of Tata Sumo Grande MK II are totally different from previous version as this time Tata provides ample space for head, shoulder and leg and makes Tata Sumo Grande MK II a roomy car. The inner doors handle are silver in color with consoles of faux wood which adds to the beauty of this SUV. The steering wheel is electrically powered and rotates 360 degree which makes your SUV drive a super class experience. The seats are very comfortable as their upholstery is fully velvet and seating arrangements can be done as per your requirement, you can have 6 + 1 or 7 + 1 combinations. The improved interiors are a big advantage to this new version of Tata Sumo. Exploring new horizon in terms of the interior designing is something seen rarely in case of an SUV but with Tata Sumo u can get it all.
Tata Sumo Grande PictureThe new Tata Sumo Grande MK II has a powerful engine of 2.2 litre 16 valve 2179 cc DOHC Dicor engine which gives maximum power of 120 bhp @ 4000 rpm and gives a maximum torque of 250 Nm @ 1500 to 3000 rpm. The four cylinders are placed inline with each cylinder having 4 valves with Double Overhead Cam shaft (DOHC) which means that there are two shafts for intake and exhaust thus giving very good top end torque and car pulls light even on hilly road. The Dicor engine is very powerful and is a common rail engine in which fuel is used under a set pressure which causes fuel to atomize in small particles and allows engine to burn fuel efficiently with proper air thus making wastage of fuel minimum. The other variant comes powered by 2.0 IDI TCIC 1948 cc engine that churns out the maximum output of 90PS at 4500rpm and torque production capacity is of 190NM at 2000-3000  rpm.
Tata Sumo Grande Wheel & Tyre PictureThe metamorphosis of the Sumo into the Sumo Grande is witnessed in virtually every section of the vehicle. And it should be as Tata has spent more than Rs. 300 Crore to make it look ‘Grande’. Tata Motors started the MUV trend way back in 2008 when they actually brought the Tata Sumo on Indian soil. It was the only choice of MUV then which had space and the utility look. Tata launched the Sumo Grande on January 10, 2008. It features completely different body work. It is an upgraded version of Tata Sumo. The Grande seeks to deliver value to customers through substantial changes in the exteriors and interiors combined with improvements in drivability, ride and handling and comfort. New product line now comes with body stickers emphasizing the new name "Tata Grande". The design of the Sumo Grande is eye-catching and so are all the attractive colors it is available in. The Sumo Grande is available in - LX, EX, GX, CX, CX Turbo, EX Turbo, LX Turbo, and CX BS IV, EX BS IV, and LX BS IV variants. The car is truly value for money.


Tata Sumo Grande Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variants Mileage (in city)(in Kmpl) Mileage (on highway)(in Kmpl)
2.0 IDI TCIC Turbo Diesel Engine 10.0 14.0
2.2L 120PS DiCOR engine w/ VGT 10.0 14.0

Fuel efficiency of the Tata Sumo Grande in India is good as compared with the competition. The new Tata Sumo Grande has come up with two efficient high quality engines which with their quality performance have been very fuel efficient and delivers remarkable mileage. Its TCIC Turbo engine and DICOR engine gives out 10 Kmpl mileage in cities and outstanding mileage of 14 Kmpl on highways which no other car gives in this segment.


Tata Sumo Grande Models and Features

Variants Special Features
Tata Sumo Grande MKII Turbo 2.0 EX This variant of Tata Sumo Grande is loaded with rear & front power windows, automatic climate control, rear AC vents, tachometer, central locking, power door locks, anti – theft alarm, analog clock on centre console, 30 second power window operation and door rub rail with chrome insert and rest all the features are same as Tata Sumo Grande MKII LX BS IV.
Tata Sumo Grande MKII LX BS IV The variant is loaded with supercharger and rest all the features are same as MKII LX & MKII Turbo 2.0 LX.
Tata Sumo Grande MKII EX BS IV The variant has superchargers and rest all the features are same as MKII EX.
Tata Sumo Grande MKII GX BS IV With electrically adjustable outside rear view mirror, mirrors with turn indicators, Alpine CD & Mp3 player with six speakers & iPod port, keyless entry, multi stage height adjustable driver seat, foldable head rest on middle rows seats, rear wash & wiper, electrical rear glass demister, engine immobilizer ECU control, clear lens front fog lamps, follow me home headlamps, chrome lined door handles and rest all features are same as Tata Sumo Grande MKII EX BS IV.


Tata Sumo Grande Engine, Power and Performance

Tata is very powerful when the debate is regarding engine. As Sumo Grande is designed to dominate the roads with its powerful and high performance engines, the car has come up with two engines: 2.0 IDI TCIC Turbo Diesel Engine which has an engine displacement of 1948 CC and churns out 90 Ps @ 4500 rpm of maximum torque and 190 Nm @ 2000 – 3000 rpm. The engine has DOHC valve configuration which let the fuel charges in and exhaust gas out and makes the car more fuel efficient and powerful.

Whereas the 2.2L 120PS DiCOR engine has an engine displacement of 2179 CC and churns out 120 Ps @ 4000 rpm of maximum power and 250 Nm @ 1500 – 3000 rpm of maximum torque makes the car an enormous power generator. With an aggressive stance this car has makes the driver feels that he has been given raw power. The car has a fuel capacity of 65 liters. The DICOR engine covers the 0-100 Kmph run in 17.4 seconds. The gear box is a 5 speed manual on both the versions and is far better unit than the one place in the earlier Sumo. It is precise and doesn’t require too much of coaxing.


Tata Sumo Grande Pickup and Acceleration

Engines Max. Power(Ps / rpm) Max. Torque(Nm / rpm) Pickup(0-100 in sec) Top Speed(Km / h)
2.0 IDI TCIC Turbo Diesel Engine 90 / 4500 190 / 2000 – 3000 21.7 144
2.2L 120PS DiCOR engine w/ VGT
120 / 4000 250 / 1500 – 3000 17.4 148

Sumo Grande is a miraculous car which can beat any other car of this segment when it comes to pick up & acceleration. The car has been launched with two powerful engines that show the optimum performance. The Turbo diesel engine churns out 90 Ps @ 4500 rpm of maximum torque and 190 Nm @ 2000 – 3000 rpm and acquires 0 – 100 in just 21.7 seconds with top speed of 144 Kmph. Whereas the DiCOR engine churns out 120 Ps @ 4000 rpm of maximum power and 250 Nm @ 1500 – 3000 rpm of maximum torque which makes it a train engine, and has a top speed of 148 Kmph and reaches 0 – 100 in about 17.4 seconds.


Tata Sumo Grande Interiors and Features

Tata Sumo Grande Seats PictureThe Tata Sumo Grande in India now is one of the most spacious vehicles in its category as the car has increased its wheel base by 150 mm which means more space inside the car. Stepping inside the car the customer will come across two tone barley beige & ebony black interior which give completely different and royal look as compared to the earlier Tata Sumo with grey interiors. With black pocket and the feel of softness the seats are being designed taking care in mind the comfort level of the vehicle. The seats have velvet covering and fully fabric designed to excellence. The car is too spacious as there are reasonable storage spaces in and around the cabin. If all the seats are in place Tata Sumo Grande boasts of having 410 liters of space and the same gets tripled when the last row of seats are flipped forward. Central console with door switch plates are finished by faux wood that give the luxury feel and royalty of the MUV. Graphic instrument cluster with front and rear gate scuff plates with fabric insert door pads magnetize the user and the viewers.

Tata Sumo Grande Driver Side Door Control PictureThe car is having a powerful steering wheel supported with front, rear power windows and express down on driver side which make the drive convenient. HAVC (Heating, Ventilation and AC) is introduced in the MUV which is helped and supported with dual integrated roof AC with roof mounted ducts which gives proper cooling to the different compartments of the vehicle. The car is having rear AC vents which keeps the rear side temperature also maintained. Electrically adjusted outside rear view mirror with multistage height adjustable driver seat increases the comfort level for the driver. Fro the comfort of the front passengers the front seats are having 3 positioned lumbar support and arm rest on driver and co – driver’s seat. 2nd row seat is reclining and can be split and tumbled in 65:35 and can be arranged and folded in flat and complete position. 3rd row seats are also tumbling and removable with foldable side facing seats. The car is having a goggle case, cup holder, and 12V power outlet on front and middle supported with cigarette lighters for the utility purposes. For the illumination purpose the car is placed up with puddle lamps on all four doors, front roof lamp & middle row lamp with illuminated ignition key slot. Instrument panel light intensity can also be adjusted and can be set accordingly. Theater dimming roof lights and follow me home lights shows that Tata has kept all the needs of the customer. For the comfort purpose of getting in the car, the MUV is having rear and side foot stepping. Silver colored inner door handle give the sign of finishing.


Tata Sumo Grande Exteriors and Features

Tata Sumo Grande Head Light PictureTata Sumo Grande has been designed to cross the road with a fascinating view and surprise the viewers in a while. The car with its aggressive look has a stylish chrome inserted front grill which shows the sign of elegance and is supported with the sump guard which protect the lower part of the car’s body if car crosses a high mounted land or steep speed breakers. For the decency in looks the car wheel are covered with wheel rims which increases the exterior beauty drastically. The muscular stance of the bumper also reminds that the Tata Sumo Grande MK2 in India is going the up market way. With a sense of color combination the car has body colored pull type door handles and body colored bumpers to upgrade the beauty of the MUV. Chrome tailgate appliqué and chrome inserted door rub rails go very well along the rest of the exteriors. A spare wheel is also being provided under the body with a stylish graphic the car is designed which creates a sporty theme. Black colored “B” & “C” pillar and chrome lined door handles magnetize the customers.


Safety Features in Tata Sumo Grande

Tata Sumo Grande ORVM PictureTata Sumo Grande has taken care of all the safety measures required in this segment. The car is loaded with radial tyres with superior breaking which lessen the risk of major accidents. Side impact bars are present which increases the safety as body is strengthened. Tilt able and collapsible steering wheel is present for safety of driver. Engine mobilize is present which provide safety to the engine. The seats are fire resistant and that help in case vehicle catches fire. Clear lens on front fog lamps are present that provide proper visibility at dark time. Motorized headlamp adjustment which is also supported with central locking keeps the driver constantly concentrate on the driving rather that solving such problems. Child safety locks are present to keep children safe and risk of carelessness is prevented. Drivers seat belt unfasten warning is there supported with high mounted stop lamps. And at last follow me home headlamps supported with low fuel indication warning makes the car a very safe mobilize.


Tata Sumo Grande Driving & Handling

The Tata Sumo Grande has the coil springs at the front along with independent double wishbones whereas the rear boasts of parabolic leaf springs. The construction of this MUV is still body-on-ladder-frame. The new MUV has been actually given a softer setup to enhance the driving skills. The tall stance of this MUV does have shown remarkable performance on the highways. Tata Sumo has been introduced a much livelier steering wheel which enhance the ride quality. It soaks in every bump thrown at it by the Indian roads. Tubeless tyers with superior breaking makes the drive controlled.


Tata Sumo Grande Accessories

As with the spacious looks and interiors for the relaxation of the occupants the car is loaded with high quality entertainment system that makes the drive enjoyable and entertaining. The car is loaded with six speaker music system  that create magic while the drive which is supported with Alpine CD and Mp3 player through which you can play tremendous music. The entertainment system is having an iPod port through which variety of tunes can be listened and occupants can make their mood fascinating. For adding pleasure to the ride the car is loaded with valuable accessories like in – car refrigerator through which you can enjoy cold drinks while listening to music and have a road trip party. Some other utility accessories like reverse parking aid, art leather seat cover and much more is there to fulfill the utility of the user & occupants.


Tata Sumo Grande Conclusion

With its spacious interiors and sporty exterior this MUV can create space in the heart of any customer, many of the features magnetized the customer and the new Sumo Grande has extremely converted itself according to the demand of today’s market.

Tata Sumo Grande Variants

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Tata Sumo Grande Diesel
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features
1948 cc , Diesel

10.0 Kmpl (City)
14.0 Kmpl (Highway)

*Air Conditioner *Fabric Upholstery *Power & Tilt Steering *Child Safety Locks
2179 cc , Diesel

12.6 Kmpl (City)
16.3 Kmpl (Highway)

*Side Stepper *Stylish Graphic on Body Side *BS IV Compliant Engine
2179 cc , Diesel

12.6 Kmpl (City)
16.3 Kmpl (Highway)

*Tachometer *Roof Mounted Rear a/c *Power Windows (Front & Rear) *Central Locking
2179 cc , Diesel

12.6 Kmpl (City)
16.3 Kmpl (Highway)

*Electrical Rear Glass Demister *Music System with 6 Speakers *Keyless Entry *Engine Immobilizer

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