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Tata Pixel Review

Tata Pixel Launch Date

It is expected that Tata Motors will launch Tata Pixel in India by the end of year 2012.


Tata Pixel Price

As per the industry sources, Tata Pixel price will fall in the range of Rs 3 – 4 lakh.

Tata Pixel PicturesJust when the market is witnessing a raised demand for more and more hatchbacks becoming a fashion in the automobiles, TATA seems not lagging behind. The Company is all set to launch its new mini hatch back, the TATA Pixel. The Pixel would not just be any car but is already being considered as the smallest and mini hatchback making it perhaps the first mini hatchback with standard features in the Indian market. It wouldn’t be any near to the Nano since it has many of its features well recognized by the term world class and that too with a very affordable and pocket friendly price tag. The TATA Pixel would be prove a tough competition against the soon to be launched Maruti Cervo and the recently launched Hyundai Eon as well.

The car will be launched in India as well as select countries abroad.


Tata Pixel Review by Expert

After providing India with a ‘true’ small car, the Tata Nano, Tata Motors are now all prepared to shift their focus towards the competitive European car market with their latest hi-tech innovation—Tata Pixel. This, ahead of times engineering miracle is based on the Nano platform. Initially after original Tata Nano, Tata Europa Concept came into existence, which was unveiled at 2009 Geneva Motor Show followed by current Tata Pixel. The Tata Pixel was primarily showcased at the 81st Geneva Motor Show in March 2011. And for the first time it was displayed in India at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo where it bowled over each and every onlooker.

It won’t be inaccurate if Tata Pixel is said to be one of the ‘innovation at its best’ package, because of its numerous technological advancements in every bit. The mini city car is just above 3 meters in length and surprisingly it can carry 4 adults along with 2 children inside. The feature of ‘Zero Turn’ enables the car to get parked in tightest of the spaces with its Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT). These zero-turn doors increase the manoeuvrability at low speeds, while the turning circle radius formed is of mere 2.6 meters. The pioneering scissor doors of Tata Pixel swivel upward and let the ingress and egress of the four occupants with effortless ease even in extremely tight spaces, moreover large glass on the door has got optimum outside visibility.   The cab forward roofline with small bonnet makes it emerge trendy and young at the same time.

Another first heard in the segment is the ‘My Tata Connect’, which is essentially first integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) model from the Indian Conglomerate. With My Tata Connect, one can connect tablet or Smartphone with the infotainment system that comes with user friendly all-in-one screen touch display. At the rear of Tata Pixel will be a 1.2L 3-cylinder turbo charged diesel motor that will be placed at the rear same as seen in the existing Tata Nano in India. This frugal diesel engine will deliver some class leading mileage numbers like 3.4L/100 km besides 89g/km of CO2 emissions.


Tata Pixel Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variant  Mileage (City)  Mileage (Highway)
Tata Pixel Base  21.0 kmpl  26 kmpl

Tata Pixel Mileage and Fuel Efficiency is expected to be of high standard and little power packed wheeler is expected to deliver a mileage of about than 21 Kmpl in city and a whopping 26 kmpl on highways which would beat any other mini hatch back by far means in the segment. The accurate details regarding the efficiency will be revealed once the car hits the market. However, looking at the technology and platform involved, the engine is expected to deliver fruitful results.


Tata Pixel Expected Variants

Tata Pixel PicturesThe TATA Pixel will be a mini but well equipped with most of the essential features. Although we have no sneak peek into the details of its variants so far, however we managed to estimate details of the base version of the Pixel. The Base model of the car would range in around 250000 INR and house essential characteristics such as power windows, central locking, rear defogger, tinted glass, fog lamps, and fabric upholstery etc. listed below. Details of the various variants of the car will soon be updated.

Variant Features
Tata Pixel Power windows, Central Locking, Remote Boot, Remote Fuel Filler, Rear Defogger, Tinted Glass, Folding Rear Seats, Fog Lamp, Body Color Bumpers, Tachometer, Electronic Trip meter, scissor door system, sweeping roof line, Body colored side door handles, Fabric Seat Upholstery, Fabric Insert Door Trim, Polyester Fabric Roof Lining.


Tata Pixel Engine, Power and Performance

The Tata Pixel will be available well equipped with 1.2 litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The engine of Tata Pixel is expected to be noise free and with very low emission status. The engine will be powerful and very much supportive of good mileage characteristics as well. The engine has been given a highline platform that is based on the light weighted structure in order to support the overall mass of the body. The engine has also been derived with turbochargers that enrich the engine with power boosters with good charactAristics.

Tata Pixel Pickup and Acceleration

Engine Variant Max. Power (bhp) Max. Torque(Nm) Pickup (0- 100) (sec.) Top Speed Transmission
1.2 litre Petrol 68-74(expected) - - - 5 speed Manual

The Turbocharged 1.2 litre Petrol Engine of the Tata Pixel empowered by 3 cylinders is expected to generate a maximum power of around 68- 74 bhp with quite an ease. The car will be available in a 5 speed manual transmission in India however; the variants launched abroad will be supportive of automatic transmission as well.


Tata Pixel Interiors and Features

Tata Pixel PicturesThe interiors of the all new little Tata Pixel have been given a soft and delicate kind of an appearance with many cost cutting  measures that can be seen well inside the interiors. The Tata Pixel has framed itself as a toy car and so the fact becomes clearly visible with its interiors. The fabricated seats are small and not much sophistication can be expected. Although the seats are quite comfy; but very similar to the idea of the Tata Nano that becomes a negative aspect about the car. The Car is smaller in size and so is reflected inside the cabin where a lot of size and mass cutting has been done. The dashboard of the car is a clear example of the car’s cost cutting measures. The small and not so wide dash of the car has been designed quite beautifully but it somehow fails to grab a lot of attention. There are analogue functions and displays that are yet not very comprehensive, the fact compensates for the low price of the vehicle. The door trims are very ordinary and the same goes for handles and other things inside the cabin.

Tata Pixel Seats PicturesThe car lacks the feasibility of adjustable head rests or arm rests. Also there is not much provision for storing items inside the car since it lacks a large glove box; instead a very tiny and small box has been given. There is no room for magazine holders or even the cup and can holders inside the car. However, the low price of the vehicle clearly justifies the fact. All these comfort and materialistic items might not be present in the Pixel but it still manage3s to deliver optimum comfort to its passengers. The steering panel is quite an ordinary one but who cares until it offers a power steering mechanism. Also the instrument cluster has been placed and carved very nicely. Not much argument about the interiors of the car but it somehow fails to look too good or be elegant in any sense. It is just that the car comes at an astonishing price of just Rs. 2.5 lacs and so the interiors stand justified.


Tata Pixel Exteriors and Features

Tata Pixel Head LIght PicturesTata Pixel might not be that much fascinating with its interiors but somehow manages to look a bit attractive through its exteriors. The car has been imparted with excellent framing and craftsmanship. The architecture of the body of the vehicle looks adorable and somewhat alike the Volkswagen Beetle. The essential features of the car include the stylized bonnet that has a slope like no other. The look offered is that of a soft and very delicate feather which looks quite charming. The front grille in the Pixel however remains absent or has been embedded invisibly in the body of the car. However the sleek and very elegant front line in place of the grille holding the logo of the company looks sensuous. The plain, sober and decent looking angular headlamps of the car are placed very gracefully just beside the front line. A small yet very breakthrough sort of a graffiti of the word ‘Pixel’ can be found just beneath the bonnet slope on to the bumper that is also well embedded into the slope line of the vehicle.

Tata Pixel Wheel & Tyre PicturesThe rear of the Tata Pixel reminds the front fascia being quite soft and soothing. The rear tail lights are similar to the front ones and offer elegance at the very best. The wheels of the Tata Pixel are typically broader and bold looking. The sporty design of the roof looks well matched. The ORVMs of the car have been very smartly well embedded in to the body side. The body kit of the vehicle is not that strong though but it yet an important cost cutting measure.


Safety Features in Tata Pixel

The safety features of the little car are not known so far but it seems that Tata will maintain the standard ones up to this upcoming vehicle as well. There might be no airbags but there is definitely a collapsible steering column. Moreover there is seat belt along with pretension mechanism. There is also provision for central locking and burglar alarm along with child proof locks as well. The Pixel might be small but is typical and very particular about its safety standards.


Tata Pixel Steering Wheel Pictures

Tata Pixel Driving and Handling

The Tata Pixel has a power steering that is very easy on the swing and control. The brakes are sharp and very accurate. The suspensions of the car are quite fine. There is fair amount of grip on the roads and together it promises a good enjoyable and comfortable drive.


Tata Pixel Accessories

There is not much known about the stereo and accessories provisioned in the all new Pixel but we will surely keep you updated as soon as the revelations are made.

Tata Pixel Variants

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