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Hyundai i30 Review

Hyundai i30 might debut this year in Indian car market

June 2, 2014: It is rumored that Korean car maker Hyundai Motors is going to launch its new hatchback Hyundai i30 in Indian car market sometimes in the month of October this year. The hatchback has been already sold in International car market and will be launched above its elder sibling i20.

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Hyundai i30 Review by Expert

Korean car maker - Hyundai’s another family car Hyundai i30 is in production since five years. It closely shares platform with Hyundai’s own Kia Cerato but is quite dissimilar in styling and looks. Recently, in September 2011, the i30 has entered its second generation and was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Conceived at Hyundai’s Design and Technical Centre based in Germany, the five door hatch closely resembles Peugeot 308 in its looks.

The Korean car i30 is expected to arrive in India by mid of this year at a price tag of Rs 6.0 lakhs to Rs 8.5 lakhs. At this price, i30 will be landing in the upper slab of the premium hatchback segment in India that is narrow and has unique buyers as at this price buyers can also get a sedan. However, there are more driving factors for i30 and these factors are expected to help this car make a room in India. Six airbags ensuring total safety, Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Distribution, Electronic Stability Program and speed sensitive door locking besides other features suggest that the car has what Indian be introduced to in a sedan. Apart from this, the international version has a sunroof as well which is fast catching up popularity in India.

Hyundai i30 was first launched in 2007 and since then there has been hundred of car reviews and millions of user reviews in its favor, all suggesting it as a family car that has looks, styling, comfort, and good drive. Furthermore, i30 in some countries comes with five years unlimited warranty. In 2010, it has bagged the best car title in Australia.

Hyundai i30 PhotoOverall, the car is clad in a though not so unique styling and in India, one can mistake it with Hyundai i20 in somewhat different proportions. The exteriors are marked by the latest Fluidic design philosophy while the interior has unique upper fascia design. The engine options on the i30 are impressive. The international version is available in petrol and diesel options and in India as well Hyundai will be translating those. Hyundai popular 1.4L petrol, Gamma 1.6 MPi and Beta 2 L Mpi takes care of the petrol powered i30s while 16 valve U II 1.6L CRDi diesel engine options make sure the diesel i30 gets enough power. Available in different power outputs both the petrol and diesel engine match perfectly to the stature of the Hyundai hatch. The Hyundai i30 world edition is available in five speed and six speed manual and four speed automatic versions.

Why an Indian car buyer should prefer this car to other premium hatchback options is that this car offers well-constructed interior with comfortable seating position and more legroom for the rear occupants. Besides, similar to the international models, Hyundai is expected to offer the five year unlimited kilometers warranty in India as well and so the car buyer need not worry about anything for five years.


Hyundai i30 Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

With the 1.4L, 1.6 L Gamma MPi engine under hood and tuned with a four speed automatic or 5/6 speed manual gearbox the Hyundai i30 is bound to deliver mileage. Since it is an upcoming car, the i30 mileage can only be guessed, as Indian conditions are different from that in Europe, America, or Australia. However, the petrol i30 is expected to deliver a mileage of 11 kmpl in city and 14 kmpl on the highways. The diesel i30s powered by 1.6 L CRDi engine options is expected to return a similar mileage.


Hyundai i30 Models and Features

In UK, the 2011 Hyundai i30 is available as hatchback and estate models. The model nomenclature there is i30 Comfort and i30 Premium. However, in India the i30 hatch is expected to be launched in the following model line up.

Variants Features
Hyundai i30 Magna Petrol This will be the entry level model of i30 with two air bags and is expected to be powered by a 1.4L Gamma petrol engine. This refined engine outputs 100 bhp.
Hyundai i30 Sportz Petrol This will be the improved model with four airbags and the same 100 bhp engine as the i30 Magna.
Hyundai i30 Asta  Petrol This will be the high end model with six airbags and a 1.6 L Gamma engine or a 2L Beta engine powering it.
Hyundai i30 Magna Diesel This will be the diesel powered model with a 1.6 L 1582cc 115 PS CRDi engine under the bonnet. This model will have same features as that of i30 Magna Petrol.
Hyundai i30 Sportz Diesel This will be the another diesel i30 model which will have same features as the i30 Sportz Petrol. This is also expected to be powered by a 1.6 L CRDi diesel engine
Hyundai i30 Asta Diesel This will be the highest trim in diesel and will be powered by a more powerful diesel engine.

Notably, four speed automatic versions of i30 are also expected to be available besides the standard 5/6 speed manual.


Hyundai i30 Engine, Power and Performance

Hyundai i30 Engine PhotoThe Hyundai i30 has a variety of engine options. From 1.4 L 100 bhp petrol engine to 2.0 L Beta engine. From 1.6L CRDi 115 Ps to 1.6L 128 PS diesel engine there will be many options. In India however, only the 1.4L 100 bhp petrol and 1.6L 115 PS engines are expected to power the i30.

The petrol powered Beta 2.0 MPi engine delivers 143 ps at 6,000rpm with a maximum torque of 19.0 kg·m at 4,600rpm. On the other hand the Gamma 1.4 MPi petrol engine has a power of 109.0 ps at 6,200rpm with a maximum torque capacity of 14.0kg·m at 5,000rpm.

The diesel engines on the other hand are: U II 1.6L (1582 cc) CRDi diesel engine. This engine delivers 117 PS power at mere 4000 rpm with a torque output of 26.5 kg m at only 2000 rpm. The other diesel engine is tuned to deliver 128.0ps at 4,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 26.5 kg·m at 1,900~2,750 rpm.

A close look at the engine line up for the i30 reveals that the car has a variety of powertrains starting from 109 PS to 1443 PS in petrol and 117 PS to 128 PS in diesel. This is enough power for the hatch or the estate i30 versions. Combined with a four speed automatic or a five speed or six speed manual gearbox, the i30’s 2011 model assures performance at every move be it city or a highway.


Hyundai i30 Pick Up and Acceleration

Hyundai i30 Tachometer PhotoThe Beta 2.0 mated to a five speed manual transmission catches zero to 100 kmph mark in just 10.6 seconds and it can touch a top speed of 205 kmph. All the models do not have this much acceleration and top speed as the Beta 2.0 is the most powerful engine in i30. Other models with 117 PS petrol or 128 PS diesel engine under the bonnet have top speed of 192 kmph and 197 kmph respectively. The slowest is the 1.4 L engine powered mated to a five speed gearbox. This i30 car has a top speed of 187 kmph and an accelerates from 0-100 kmph in 11.6 seconds.


Hyundai i30 Exterior and Features

Hyundai i30 Headlight PhotoStylish design with a greater degree of European influence is what the exteriors of the i30 are. The top model Hyundai i30 SR sports looks all the more sporty with big wheels and lot of sporty lines. This model has a sports body kit along with big wheels but as far as the real i30 is concerned, it remains intact even if it has taken on a sports apparel.

Starting from the front, the headlights look as if these have developed over the bonnet and the side fender. The front has a very short grille with the Hyundai logo sitting tight straight at the centre. Then there is a large dam looking as if the car need much air to breathe. Next to the dam are the two fog lamps that are fully faired into the front bumper adding the much needed sporty gesture to the car. The front screen aerodynamically merges with the bonnet and the roof. The wipers also are significantly designed and are heated so that snow does not affect their functioning and the windscreen remains clean even if there is heavy snow outside.

Hyundai i30 Wheel and Tyre PhotoThe i30 exteriors appeals to the senses with its fine lines and convex and concave surfaces. There are also characteristic lines throwing an impressive as if there is some athlete waiting to start his race. Besides, Hyundai has painted and coated it well so that every curve is characteristic and the i30 exteriors remain as it is for ages.

Come to the sides and the blacked out B pillar catches your attention. The electric operated ORVM with the side indicator also steps up the side appeal of the car. The alloys too compel you to count those spokes. The rear is all the more rewarding just as the front and side stature. It is a traditional windscreen and boot ratio with triangular shaped tail lamps on the sides stretching almost up to the roof. The tailgate is special here as it incorporates the Hyundai emblem. The rear appearance gets its sporty touch with the roof antenna at the top centre.


Hyundai i30 Interiors and Features

Hyundai i30 Front Seats PhotoHyundai i30 reviews and user experience have been in favor of the interiors much more than the exterior looks, drive and performance. The interiors of i30 have been praised for their being good looking, comfort, function and leg, elbow, shoulder space. Being at 4.2 m, the i30 gives much space to the occupants.

The instrument cluster has large dials with legible bold characters on it. These illuminate in blue at night. A display at the centre of these two dials displays the trip functions. There is a seating for five people. The seats have comfortable cushioning and these seats are comfortable to hop on. The tilt and telescopic steering is leather wrapped and appears to be a little smaller than normal. There is use of soft touch plastics inside and the interior is filled with functionality. Where there are connectivity options such as USB, Aux, there is also a multi function window buttons.

The display at the centre console is fully functional with audio communication features. The volume and radio tuning are knob type buttons. The LCD for air conditioning displays the temperature along with other air conditioning Hyundai i30 Driver Side Door Control Photofeatures.

What attracts more about i30 interiors is the way all the things have been arranged ergonomically. The rear seats have extra cushioning for long journeys and it also has good legroom and headroom even for three six footers. There are three headrests for the rear passengers. If two happen to sit at the rear, there is a centre armrest with cup holders. The glove box at the front is cooled. Inside there is a boot capacity of 340 litres and it can be expanded to 1250 litres with the rear seats folded.

The sunroof needs a special mention. It is available for the front passengers and is of a generous size thus giving a panoramic view.


Hyundai i30 Driving and Handling

Hyundai i30 Steering Wheel PhotoThe i30 Hyundai hatchback shares its platform with Kia but it does not inherit its shortcomings and thus comes with a revised suspension. Hyundai i30 road tests have revealed that i30 drive and handling is easy and it performs well in the city as well as on the highways. Long journey are not achy in i30. With the 1.6 L petrol and 2 L petrol options there is hardly anything that i30 cannot reach to. However, the entry level 1.4 L is a bit slow and low on performance. The diesel motor options for i30 are also quite impressive. With 110 PS and 128 PS options, expect a trouble free powerful drive in the i30. There is also an auto cruise control feature in Hyundai i30.


Safety Features in Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30 Airbags PhotoThe i30 has been designed in Germany and thus is a car by Hyundai that is high on safety as well. With a rigid frame and triple load distribution paths along with a structure that can easily absorb impact, safety no doubt is at the prime for Hyundai. Besides, it comes with six airbags in the top model and a variety of other features such as Anti-lock Braking system that refrains brakes from locking up in case of panic braking and there is also an Electronic brake force distribution and electronic stability control that keep the car on track even in steep turns. There is a Back warning system that warns the driver of any obstacle during reverse. The headrests are active and protest the head during a collision. Besides the power windows stop if there is an obstacle.


Hyundai i30 Accessories

Hyundai i30 Stereo PhotoA lot of accessories are expected on the i30. There will be a variety of choices related to the wheels. 15 inch, 16 inch, or 17 inch chooses whatever you like. These also are expected to be available in various spoke styles. The UK models have a choice for aluminum pedal kits. There is also an audio, satellite and Bluetooth upgrade available. A bike carrier is also available on the UK models. The Indian model however will have lesser accessories available.


Hyundai i30 Conclusion

The car is a great buy for those who want to have value for money. Being a Hyundai brand car, i30 promises the very quality but with high performance and stunning looks. If you are looking for a car that gives you high end features and class performance and budget is not your constraint then i30 can be the car of your choice. Panoramic sunroof, six airbags and auto climate control, cruise control are some of the features that will woo a large number of ca buyers to this premium compact car.

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