Hyundai Eon

Rs. 2,85,284 to Rs. 3,87,455 (ex showroom delhi)

Hyundai Eon Review

Hyundai Eon Sports Edition Launched with price tag of Rs. 3.88 lakh

April 11, 2017: HMIL, the Indian arm of Korean car maker Hyundai Motors has launched the Sports Edition of its hatchback Eon in Indian car market priced Rs. 3.88 lakh (ex-showroom price, New Delhi). The Sports Edition continues the existing engine configuration of 0.8 litre petrol engine along with an option of 1.0 litre engine, and receives cosmetic updates on both the exterior and interior front. The noteworthy feature introduced is 6.2 inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Hyundai Eon equipped with 1.0 litre Kappa petrol engine

May 6, 2014: Hyundai Motor India Limited, the Indian division of Korean car maker Hyundai Motors has upgraded the Magna+ variant of its high selling hatchback Eon with 1.0 litre Kappa petrol engine developing the power of 69 PS at 6,200 rpm and torque of 9.6 kgm at 3,500 rpm and will deliver a fuel efficient performance of 20.3 kmpl as certified by ARAI. With this company has also adhered low friction timing chain to control the noise, vibration and harshness followed by piston cooling jets to optimize piston temperature for fuel efficiency and improving performance.

Hyundai to offer Hyundai Eon Magna with 1.0 litre engine

April 24, 2014: With an objective to cope the increasing competition in the hatchback segment of cars enriched with 1.0 litre engine South Korean car maker Hyundai has upgraded its hatchback Eon with 1.o litre engine. This engine configuration will be offered in the Magna version of Hyundai Eon which embellishes various interesting features for instance power steering, front power windows, keyless entry, engine immobilizer etc.

Hyundai Eon to be enriched with new engine configuration

April 14, 2014: With an objective to enhance the engine performance and fuel efficiency Korean car maker is rumored to enhance the hatchback with new engine configuration. The upcoming Eon will be enriched with 1.0 litre three cylinder engine which is similar to engine offered in Hyundai i10. The present version of Eon is empowered with 0.8 litre petrol engine developing the power of 55 bhp and torque of 75Nm.

Hyundai Eon Review by Expert

Hyundai Eon PicturesThe South Korean automobile maker has once again proved its metal on the expectations, with the launch of its entry level small hatch, the all new Hyundai Eon. The dazzling hatch has many exciting and advanced features to wrap up with the overall style and comfort the car has to offer. The all new small wonder has been powered by 814 cc engine that delivers a fair power and yes of course the mileage offered is something very attention grabbing. Being an economical city mini-car, the Eon plays a crucial role as far as the commercial image of the company is concerned in the country.

The exterior of Hyundai Eon is blessed with company’s new Fluidic design ideology, which was initially seen on the outer shell of mid-size sedan Hyundai Verna Fluidic. With the help of this philosophy the small car has been carved out comprehensively by the Korean engineers. The major attractions at the Hyundai Eon exterior first of all comprise of the lines and cues flowing all around the body together with body colored bumpers, body colored door handles, fog lamps and roof rails are offered in top-end version etc.

Hyundai Eon PicturesAs soon as you peek into the cabin of Eon, you will not believe your eyes seeing interiors of a budget car as they carry much of premium feel in it. The cabin is roomier compared to Maruti Alto, its arch rival, along with a good amount of headroom and legroom at the rear seats too. While the neatly positioned dash and cluster are kept simple, but the lines flowing around make it attractive. The other features present in the compartment includes high quality material fabric on the seats along with multiple trip meters, Air Conditioner, power windows, central locking, remote boot release along with remote fuel filler, and many more in different variants. While there were several new add-ons as the company has launched some more variants in the form of D-lite Plus, Magna Plus and Era Plus. Hyundai Eon safety features include seatbelts for all passengers, driver airbags, engine immobilizer, front fog lamps, etc.

The recently launched ‘Plus (+)’ variants have the compatibility to hold newly introduced factory fitted LPG kits as well. So now Eon is a dual fuel with the facility of frugal petrol is now teamed up with Hyundai Motors’ BlueDrive initiative for eco friendly environment. The dual fuel versions of petrol-LPG come only with ‘Plus’ variants of Hyundai Eon.


Hyundai Eon Rivals

Hyundai Eon PicturesAfter an extensive research of around 2 years, Hyundai Eon was launched in the country. The study was basically to come up with an aggressive product that could threat the likes of longstanding Maruti Alto. Hyundai Eon’s rival can be any small car and Alto suits it perfectly. Both the vehicles are packed with same capacity engine of 800cc. But on the mileage front, which has been the USP for Alto sales, gets a perfect jolt as Hyundai Eon comes with mileage of more than 2 kms. On the appearance, the Eon is way ahead against Alto with its futuristic fluidic design, while Alto carries the basic small car styling on exteriors. The interiors are a bit more spacious than Alto along with more head room for rear occupants with Hyundai’s unique ‘tall boy image cars’. Inside the cabin there are fantastic elements combined with a civilized ambience with use of good quality fabrics, which is absent in Maruti Alto. The one who has decided to purchase an entry level car should certainly try this magical Hyundai Eon and believe us it will definitely blow your mind away with its elegance in every aspect.
The second largest carmaker in India, Hyundai wanted to challenge the domination of Maruti Suzuki, and to start with Korean company decided to take upon the base first, that is Maruti Alto.  After an extensive research of around 2 years, Hyundai Eon was launched in the country. The rigorous study was basically to come up with an aggressive product that could threat the likes of longstanding Maruti Alto and Maruti 800. Hyundai Eon’s rival can be any small car and Alto, 800 suits it perfectly. Both the vehicles are packed with same capacity engine of 800cc. But on the mileage front, which has been the USP for Alto and Maruti 800 sales, gets a perfect jolt as Hyundai Eon Hyundai Eon Picturesdelivers a mileage of more than 2 kms than Alto, while nearly 3-4 kms when 800 is compared. On the appearance, the Eon is way ahead against Alto with its futuristic fluidic design, while Alto carries the basic small car styling on exteriors, here 800 has no comparison.

Come inside, it is more spacious than Alto and ‘more’ spacious than 800. The cockpit design is of Hyundai Eon generous and provides decent space to driver and its co-passenger, while it seems congested in 800 and it acceptable with Alto. The rear occupants enjoy perfect headroom and legroom, which adds to the list of shortcomings of Alto and Maruti 800. The engine of 814cc is powerful than the two, and so is the output, but the engine of Hyundai Eon lacks proper drag capabilities of Alto and M800, when there are five passengers inside the cabin. Inside the cabin there are fantastic features combined with a civilized ambience with use of good quality fabrics, which is absent in Maruti Alto. The one who has decided to purchase an entry level car should certainly try this magical Hyundai Eon and believe us it will definitely blow your mind away with its elegance in every aspect.
Hyundai Eon Direct Competitors Table
Model Engine Mileage (City/Highway) Acceleration (0-100 kph) Unique Features Price (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)
Hyundai Eon Petrol 814 cc 17.1 kmpl / 21.1 kmpl 19 seconds Fluidic design, spacious interiors, fuel efficiency Rs 3.48 Lakh
Hyundai Eon LPG 814 cc 14 kmpkg / 18 kmpkg 19 seconds Rs 3.76 Lakh
Maruti Alto Petrol 796 cc 16.5 kmpl / 19.7 kmpl 20 seconds value for money, after sales service, low maintenance Rs 2.94 Lakh
Maruti Alto CNG 796 cc 17 kmpkg / 20.2 kmpkg 20 seconds Rs 3.42 Lakh
Maruti 800 Petrol 796 cc 16 kmpl / 20 kmpl 21 seconds cheap & best, tested for decades, iconic stature Rs 2.29 Lakh
Maruti 800 LPG  796 cc 18 kmpkg / 21 kmpkg 21 seconds Rs 2.63 Lakh


Hyundai Eon Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Hyundai Eon Tachometer PicturesHyundai small cars have always been known for delivering class leading fuel economy as they have a competitor like Maruti in India, and the new Hyundai Eon is no exception. Powered by a small size light weight 814cc engine and two choices of fuel the car delivers a considerably high fuel economy of 21.1 kmpl with petrol as fuel, which comes certified by ARAI. While the Hyundai Eon mileage with LPG as fuel, which is only available with the latest ‘Plus’ series variants, is yet to get validated from ARAI, but still the promising green fuel will offer anything around 18km/kg in favorable conditions.

In the middle of congested city roads, it can provide a mileage of around 17-18 kmpl with petrol while 14-15 km/kg with LPG. On the other hand, on highway drives, it can touch the mark of 18km/kg with LPG besides 21.1 kmpl by means of petrol engine, which is higher compared to rival Maruti Alto. The fuel economy of the mini-car is extremely good considering the mileage consciousness India buyers. At a time, when fuel prices are skyrocketing in the Indian market, a dual fuel efficient car like Hyundai Eon proves to be a real money saver.


Model Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Hyundai Eon Petrol 17.1 kmpl 21.1 Kmpl
Hyundai Eon LPG 14 km/kg 18 km/kg


Hyundai Eon Models and Features

Hyundai Eon Models Features
Hyundai Eon D- Lite The car features Immobilizer and driver side ORVM besides integrated HMSL and quality exterior chrome finish and both-side sun visors. Interiors comes with dual tone speaker grille- front doors with clear all round glasses together with elements like power outlet, cup holder, gear shift indicator on the dash, cluster assembly signals etc.
Hyundai Eon D-Lite Plus This variant comes equipped with power steering and optional air conditioning system combined with body colored bumpers besides all the favorite features of Eon’s standard variant.
Hyundai Eon D-Lite Plus LPG The unique version is a dual-fuel car that gets the power from its ‘Toroidal’ shaped LPG kit and alternatively petrol and that too packed with two years of warranty. Besides all the aspects of usual Hyundai Eon D-Lite Plus remains unchanged.
Hyundai Eon Era Plus The awaited feature of central locking that went missing is now offered in upgraded Era Plus variant teamed up with front power windows as extra element over the classic features of normal Hyundai Eon Era variant.
Hyundai Eon Era Plus LPG Again the distinctive feature of LPG kit appears in ‘Toroidal’ form to occupy less space and ensure class leading mileage and convenience of dual-fuel. The LPG kit comes with two year’s warranty. The other elements continue to be the same of Era Plus variant.
Hyundai Eon Magna Plus This is actually entertainment + variant, it comes packed with high end 2-Din audio system attached with AUX & USB ports to keep the leisure continued in car. Alongside, all the amazing features of Hyundai Magna.
Hyundai Eon Magna Plus LPG The excitement is now doubled as with the regular petrol fuel, you now have a choice of factory fitted fuel efficient LPG kit as well and now you enjoy entertainment at pocket friendly price. The other features are in-place as of top-end Magna Plus variant.
Hyundai Eon Sportz True sporty feel in and out of the car with 3-spoke aluminum finish steering besides driver airbag with airbag warning signal, keyless entry and metallic finish door handles inside. Together with circular clear front fog lamps and many body colored exterior accessories in metallic finish outside, the rest elements are alike the Eon Magna (O) variant.

Compare Hyundai Eon Models


Hyundai Eon Colors


The most modern small car, in terms of looks, available in India is Hyundai Eon. The car is offered with loads of choice at every aspect be it fuel or variants and now the same goes true for its shades too. The Hyundai Eon comes with six high-spirited colors to choose from that includes Maharajah Red, Coral White, Sleek Silver, Dark Grey Metallic, Mushroom and Pristine Blue.
Hyundai Eon in Silver Color Hyundai Eon in Mushroom Color Hyundai Eon in Blue Color Hyundai Eon in Red Color Hyundai Eon in Grey Color Hyundai Eon in White Color
Sleek Silver Mushroom Pristine Blue Maharajah Red Dark Grey metallic Coral White


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Hyundai Eon Engine, Power and Performance

The small and frugal car Hyundai Eon comes powered by 0.8L, 814 cc engine with SOHC (Single Over-Head Camshaft) 3-cylinder and 9Valves. This combination delivers a maximum power of 56 PS at a good revs per minute of 5500, which is commendable with this little engine. Whereas a peak torque of 76.5 Nm at 4000 rpm can be considering proving tough fight to its segment vehicles. Its light weight 3-cylinder engine, which ultimately contributes in making the car lighter in weight, resulting in low fuel consumption and better mileage. The engine is mated to a five speed manual transmission version, which in future may see a four speed automatic transmission version as well. The same strategy was adopted by Hyundai Motors earlier, when it launched its Hyundai i10 hatchback.

The introduction of LPG version of the car comes exclusively fitted by Hyundai Motors. The three new variants of Hyundai Eon D-Lite Plus, Hyundai Eon Era Plus and Hyundai Eon Magna Plus comes with a choice to convert their solo fuel petrol car into a dual fuel car with LPG kit This twin-fuel small car comes with some additional cost above the ex-showroom price of new ‘Plus’ variants.


Hyundai Eon Pickup and Acceleration

Model Power (PS/RPM) Torque (NM/RPM) Acceleration (0-100 kmph) Top Speed
Hyundai Eon Petrol 56/5500 76.5/4000 19 seconds 125 kmph

The mini car from Korean carmaker Hyundai Eon has got enough guts to take on its competitors on any day. Hyundai Eon is an all round performer that will never let you down be it mileage, performance or even pick up and acceleration. The modern small city car with its 814cc petrol engine smokes out a decent 56 PS of maximum power at 5500 rpm, alongside has the ability to touch the glittering 100 kph mark from naught in 19 seconds. However the top speed achieved by this 76.5 Nm of peak torque churning engine is of 125 km per hour.  On the other hand, the LPG powered version provides somewhat similar speeding up and attains satisfactory figures considering the small motor of Hyundai Eon.


Hyundai Eon Interiors and Features

Hyundai Eon Front Seats PicturesHyundai Eon has got interiors that make you believe that the Korean carmaker actually values your money and provides you with much more than you expect in the form of quality material. The cabin looks spacious and plush with numerous modern day features at a beneficial cost.     

The new age neo dual theme interiors along with blue illumination display with chrome accents speak much about the feel of the Hyundai Eon mini car. The interiors have close to luxurious fittings that include the beautiful centre based integrated console with metallic highlights. The dashboard has pedestal space especially designed to keep accessories, mobiles, specs cases, gadgets along with special ‘idol’ keeping location, observing Indian spirituality.

Hyundai Eon Dashboard PicturesThe three-spoke steering wheel accentuated with metallic-grey inserts is quite handy and well positioned to provide utmost comfort to driver. Fabric accents and chrome finishing on the side windings of the dash, doors and seats look fashionable. The console is well equipped with AC and integrated audio console panel that is equally appealing and innovative. The audio system speakers are very sharp and deliver distinct and quality sound. While in the latest Hyundai Eon Plus (+) variants there are several additions like optional AC and power steering in base models along with power windows and 2-DIN audio system with USB etc.             

Apart from the instruments, Hyundai Eon interiors are equally roomy and can easily get 4 people accommodated. The legroom is comfortable and headroom is sufficient, as it carries tall boy image of Hyundai. Although the car lacks a bit in proper positioning of headrests at the rear seats and even the people sitting in the front portion of the cabin will find some amount of discomfort on long journeys due to fixed head rests, but these shortcomings can be ignored looking at the inexpensive price. However, some other remarkable handy features in Hyundai Eon include optimum luggage space, internally adjustable ORVMs and rear parcel tray.         


Hyundai Eon Exterior and Features

Hyundai Eon Headlight PicturesHyundai Eon is truly a small car with big marvel when it comes to the exterior appearance. With its sleek and elegant ‘fluidic’ design it witnesses the hard work of Hyundai design engineers in creating a mini masterpiece hatch.

The front fascia has 2-tone chrome radiator grille that bestows it an aggressive upright stance, whilst the ‘Hyundai’ badge rests shining with pride amid. While the unique looking swept back headlamps that are way good from the boxy headlights offered in the segment. The stylish front body colored bumpers has integrated triangle-shaped fog lamps that assist in providing effective visibility under foggy conditions along with adding spottiness to the vehicle. The micro roof antenna is placed smartly on the roof top for disturbance free tuning of radio station signals/frequencies.  

The car often looks funky and sporty but most of the time offers a bold and imposing look. The rear finishing of the car is equally impressive and stylish with the tail lamps perfectly carved and the finish rendered with utmost Hyundai Eon Door Handle Picturespassion. The sleek and stylish Outside Rear View Mirrors look good and the side winding on the body is quite matchless. The full wheel covers that come out stylish along with body color door handles providing utmost grace to Hyundai Eon while cruising on the road. The rear portion has impressive half moon shaped broad tail lamps that are high mounted to provide extra illumination and safety along with sporty rear spoiler. The rear body colored bumper, which is aptly finished to grant an imposing figure is one of the biggest offered in the segment.

The effortless and incomparable beauty of the Hyundai Eon is too tempting to resist and you cannot help but believe how adorable this hatch can be when it comes to styling it with utmost passion that has been rendered in the craftsmanship. The Eon impresses from all angles and grabs the attention of your eye and heart for a longer time.


Safety Features in Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon Tail Light PicturesTo correctly mention Hyundai Eon is one of the safest vehicles in small car segment and that’s the only reason why several safety conscious buyers opt for it, leaving behind the likes of Maruti Alto. The car is well equipped with advanced safety features that include instrument cluster with many warning lamps for instance, the airbag warning lamp. The car comes with driver airbag in the top variant. The feature of key less entry and central locking gives convenient option to lock and unlock doors with ease. The other security aspects comprise of advance engine immobilizer that works efficiently in case of mishaps, furthermore with front fog lamps and inside rear view mirror to view the occupants or children without actually turning back while driving. There are child safety rear door locks and central locking to ensure child security along with seat belts for front and rear passengers.


Driving and Handling of Hyundai Eon 

Hyundai Eon Steering Wheel PicturesAfter a considerably market study and research of over two years, Hyundai India has developed a model that perfectly fits into the Indian road conditions and Indian pockets too. The small wonder Hyundai Eon proves to be an amazing city drive experience with its small size that facilitates to beat the crowded traffic situations. While the quick response of braking system eases the driving experience in jam packed traffic conditions, the superior suspension system does not let the bad road conditions to pass on to passengers.

The drive goes on and on with fuel options of LPG and petrol that demonstrate their frugal nature perfectly with maximum mileage. With a wider stance, the Hyundai Eon is easy to handle. The features like rear spoiler, power steering in upper and Plus (+) variants further adds to a better handling and driving experience.


Hyundai Eon Accessories

The genuine accessories from Hyundai are here to provide you with a different feel with your Hyundai Eon. As there are various interior and exterior garnishes that are adequate to bestow a twist of freshness. The exterior accessories of Hyundai Eon comprise of sun film that protects occupants from harsh sun rays.

Moreover, there are sporty roof rails and sun visors that endow Eon with a feel of athletic approach, while the car body cover prevents the vehicle from dust. Additionally, with Hyundai Eon interior accessories you can provide an all new look inside. There are headrest integrated seat covers for better comfort, funky steering wheel cover designs, floor mats and stylish door scuff plates. Some other advance mechanisms include gear shift lock and updated security system to prevent from thefts, also there is music system for base models of Hyundai Eon.

Hyundai Eon Road Test Report

Hyundai i10 PictureWe have brought the exclusive two-box, Hyundai Eon Test Report, after our team got hands over this cute little hatch. The arched built that makes the styling more adorable is the USP of Eon over the Alto. The Fluidic impressions on the nose and the eyes of Eon make it stand apart from the entire entry level hatchback fleet in India. Moreover, its interiors too have got the same wheelbase as the other Hyundai sibling, the i10. Beside this, the dominating factor of this small pie is its well-adjusted centre console and the inside plastics which are as durable as the i20.

Engine of Hyundai Eon is inspired from Santro in-line. The 3-cylinder 814cc engine of this car pumps out peak power of 56bhp and 75 Nm torque, which is slightly better than the rival Alto. This classy engine has been developed by the company at its R&D Centre in Hyderabad. The engine is mated by a five speed manual transmission that can be said bit advanced than the Alto, but its bit notchy. For the usual city ride, the 2nd and the 3rd gear perform significantly; however while driving at the 4th gear the acceleration seems to be lesser. Also, the feel vibration is higher while you drive at speed on highways. Compared to the iconic Santro, the Eon makes lesser noise but vibrations are increased. However, the stability of the car is maintained with the gradual shift of gears. You can clock 100 km/h in mere 19 seconds; hence you can smell something better in this car in terms of performance compared to Maruti Alto. 
Hyundai i10 Door Handle PictureHyundai i10 is a perfect and ideal performer on road and with 1.2 litre of Kappa engine, the drive gets better and much smoother, even the stability of the car has been improved substantially. The NVH or noise, vibration and harshness levels have been refined further, but sadly the engine gets a bit anxious above 100 km per hour. The steering wheel is quite responsive and it will help you to glide with utter smoothness from heavy traffic situations. The brakes are much better and sharp as compared to the older Hyundai i10 model. The five speed manual transmission coupled with the engine is efficient and has been positioned smartly to provide complete comfort to the driver. The gearshift indicators are present to indicate you when to change the gears, which in turn ensures higher fuel efficiency.

Hyundai i10 has an impressive acceleration and pickup. The 1.2 litre of Kappa engine produces 80 PS of peak power with 112 Nm of peak torque. When accelerated, the car gears up with a top speed of 159 km per hour and touch the 100 km per hour speed mark in 14.12 seconds. Hyundai i10 featuring automatic gearbox has a top speed of 147 km per hour and hits the ton in just 18.44 seconds. So, we could say that the acceleration and pickup of Hyundai i10 is impressive and the hatchback comes out to be a no nonsense hatchback in the market today.

Hyundai i10 PictureThe braking and handling of new Hyundai i10 is just stupendous. Our little road test on Hyundai i10 proved to be very smooth and nice. The suspension system fitted in the hatchback has been customized to go through rough and rugged Indian terrains and it is certainly successful in providing a very leveled and bumps free ride indeed. The steering is responsive. Driving with this steering wheel surely makes the drive very enthusiastic and excited. The brakes are top-notch and the presence of anti lock braking system makes the braking system much more advanced. Overall, we can say that Hyundai i10 Kappa hatchback is one of the best hatchbacks in the market today, which is not only a pleasure in driving but is also easy on pocket. 


Hyundai Eon Conclusion

One can’t deny the fact that Hyundai Eon is one of the finest products packed specifically for India from the Korean car store. The compact city car proffers ‘more’ to its consumers in every aspect be it drivability, refinement and fuel efficiency in the form of fictitious assets, alongside looks, interiors and feature part as practical high points. Now with the launch of newer generation Maruti Alto 800 it is up to face tough times, but for a consumer who is looking for something out-of-the-ordinary will certainly settle for Hyundai Eon, keeping aside the aged herd mentality.

Talking about the competition in the long run, as it will be worthy of note to see how the presence of Maruti Alto 800 CNG works in favor of Hyundai Eon LPG, especially in the small cities of the country. CNG stations are restricted to major cities and metros only, while LPG is available in most of the small and Tier II cities in India. This vehicle is the best small car with countless features for the first time buyers, which are absent in segment cars like Maruti Alto 800. The Unique Selling Point (USP) of this Hyundai Eon is its perfect combination of low cost, high mileage and a full-fledged range of segment with exclusive features starting from frugal petrol to pocket-friendly LPG. On the other hand, if one is out and out concerned about tight budget, after sales service via large network, none can stop him buying a Maruti mini car.


Hyundai Eon FAQs

Question 1: What are the safety features offered in Hyundai Eon compared to Maruti Alto 800?
Answer: Hyundai safety feature-list comprise of seat belts at front & rear, child safety door locks, engine immobilizer, driver side air bag, tubeless tyres, central locking, key less entry and fog lamps at front. Moreover, Maruti Alto 800 safety features are headlamp leveling, high mount stop lamp, immobilizer, front wiper and washer with intermittent, collapsible steering column, tube less tyres and optional driver side airbag.

Question 2: Is Hyundai Eon diesel or CNG coming this Diwali?
Answer: Small car Hyundai Eon is already available with very frugal fuel choice of petrol and greener LPG-run variant. Hence as of now there are rare chances of Hyundai coming up with CNG or diesel powered Eon this Diwali.

Question 3: What is the Hyundai Eon LPG mileage?
Answer: Practically one can achieve a mileage of about 14 in city while on highways achieving 18 km/kg should not be an issue with the LPG version of Hyundai Eon.

Question 4: Is Hyundai Eon a low maintenance small car?
Answer: Of course, Hyundai Eon is a maintenance free car somewhat like a Maruti vehicle though the network is not that large but still it’s a car from No.2 passenger carmaker in India. Be it the cost of spares or servicing it is well within the budget of a middle class car buyer.     

Question 5:  How is the boot space of Hyundai Eon?
Answer: The Hyundai Eon boot space is approx largest in the small car segment with 215 Liter of cargo space at the rear.

Hyundai Eon Variants

Write Review
Hyundai Eon Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features
814 cc , Petrol

17.1 kmpl (City)
21.1 Kmpl (Highway)

*2-Tone Beige & Brown Key Color *Clear Headlamps *Reinforced Body Structure *Engine Immobilizer
814 cc , Petrol

17.1 kmpl (City)
21.1 Kmpl (Highway)

*Air Conditioner *Power Steering *Body Colored Bumpers
814 cc , Petrol

17.1 kmpl (City)
21.1 Kmpl (Highway)

*Power Windows - Front *Tinted Glass *Front Door Full size Armrest *Central Locking
814 cc , Petrol

17.1 kmpl (City)
21.1 Kmpl (Highway)

*Adjustable/Tilt Steering *Rear Parcel Tray *Full Wheel Cover *Alternator Management System *Music System with 2 Speakers
814 cc , Petrol

17.1 kmpl (City)
21.1 Kmpl (Highway)

*Fog Lights - Front *Driver Airbag *Keyless Entry
Hyundai Eon LPG
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features
814 cc , LPG

14 km/kg (City)
18 km/kg (Highway)

*Air Conditioner *Power Steering *Body Colored Bumpers
814 cc , LPG

14 km/kg (City)
18 km/kg (Highway)

*Power Windows - Front *Tinted Glass *Front Door Full size Armrest *Central Locking
814 cc , LPG

14 km/kg (City)
18 km/kg (Highway)

*Adjustable/Tilt Steering *Rear Parcel Tray *Full Wheel Cover *Alternator Management System *Music System with 2 Speakers

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