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Friday, July 12, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Why Electric Vehicles Are Better Than Fuel Vehicles?

Why Electric Vehicles Are Better Than Fuel Vehicles?

The pollution from vehicles has become a curse for all the countries across the world, and therefore, despite of being various ordinances passed by their respective governments, none of the country’s has succeeded in getting rid of this problem. The reason which at first instance seems to be responsible for the failure of different government’s despite of hard endeavors made by them is lack of awareness among the people. 
Hyundai Kona Front View
Whereas the fact is that being humans, we also owe some responsibility towards environment and try to make it free from the pollution, and therefore the first step to combat the situation is to increase the use of electric vehicles rather than fuel vehicles. Interestingly, going through the concern of governments the vehicle manufacturing companies are also now introducing electric units of their new and existing vehicles. But, unfortunately due to lack of proper infrastructure and knowledge people hesitate in buying the electric vehicles. On the contrary, buying electric vehicles is quite beneficial to the society and environment in various ways. 
Some of the benefits enjoyed by driving electric vehicles are referred below:
Decline in Pollution: The worth mentioning benefit of driving electric vehicle is that it is helpful in minimizing the levels of pollution. The vehicles driven on petrol generate harmful gases, which deteriorate the quality of air and affect our health. Along with this the electric vehicles make low sound, that means a decrease in noise pollution too. In short, driving an electric vehicle offers twin benefits, controlling air pollution and also noise pollution at the same time. 
Covers long distance without any trouble: An interesting feature of electric vehicles is that once it is fully charged, it can be driven for long distance without any concern of battery discharging in the middle. In short, it is like a mobile phone, once charged fully, can be used for long hours. However, in case of discharge in the middle of your journey, it is easier to charge within the span of less than an hour by making use of fast charger.
Low maintenance: Maintaining the electric vehicle is quite cheaper than petrol or diesel vehicle, almost half time than these vehicles. In-fact, in the initial stage till the vehicle turns old, the maintenance cost is just one-fourth of the petrol and diesel vehicles. 
Incentives by the government: With an objective to encourage the use of electric vehicles among the people, the governments are offering various incentives in the form of discount to the buyers of electric vehicles. 
Safety concern:  If you are concerned about the safety due to short circuit or chemical leak, while driving, then it would be interesting to know that electric vehicles are totally safe to drive and therefore easier to drive in all atmospheric conditions. 

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