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Friday, December 30, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

When To Change The Oil Of Your Car?

When To Change The Oil Of Your Car?

Changing the engine oil is an important part of car maintenance. Oil plays an important role in lubricating all the major components of your car and maintaining the necessary temperature. Going through this reason, it is necessary to ensure its cleanliness and free from getting contaminated. To protect the oil from getting dirty and contaminated, there is an oil filter that stops the dirty and other particles from moving into the oil tank and allows the clean oil to move through the engine and other parts. But as other parts of your car survive for a fixed time, the same happens with the oil filter. It also stops working and gets clogged due to regular exposure to dust particles.
The presence of old and dirty oil impacts the working efficiency of your car. In the absence of qualitative and substantial oil, the components of the car will grind and start damaging each other. Finally resulting in the failure of the engine. If you notice any sign of oil leakage below your car, don’t ignore it and get the reason detected and rectified by an expert technician.
When to Change the Oil? This depends upon the brand and the manufacturer of your car. Every car manufacturer determines a period to replace the oil and filter of his car. However, depending on your driving kilometres you might need to replace the oil before its expiry period.
How to Change the Oil? Before changing the oil, the car technician will inspect the car to ensure there is no leakage from any of the components and it is safe to replace the oil. After inspection, they will empty the whole oil tank and the filter. Once this is done, they will place the new oil filter and fill the oil tank with the new oil.

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