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Friday, July 19, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Understand The Rules Related With Accident By Car In India (Part II)

Understand The Rules Related With Accident By Car In India (Part II)

Despite of the fact that you are driving strictly according to the traffic norms your car can get hit due to the mistake of a fellow driver, thus resulting in a severe accident. This is a painful situation for the victims because they have to pay for the mistake done by another person, and if the accident has resulted in the loss of life, then the pain cannot be expressed in words. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned more importantly is that although nobody commits an accident intentionally, but as there are some people who do not follow the traffic rules accordingly, sometimes become responsible for the accident.
Well, as the accident had taken place because of their mistake, they cannot be set free from the punishment. But unfortunately, as most of the people are unaware about the rules related to an accident the suspects sometimes run away from the spot and even get escaped from the punishment. As the result of which the victims are deprived from the justice. Therefore, going through the concern of our readers, we are brining the second part of our blog “Understand The Rules Related With Accident By Car In India (Part I)".
Car Collision
Things to do immediately after an accident:
If you are a victim then you should file an application asking for the compensation. This application should be filed under the Claims Tribunal, in case of death, injury, or damage to your vehicle. This application can filed by a person:
1. Who has been injured;
2. Whose property or vehicle has damaged due to the accident;
3. Legal survivors of the person, in case of death;
4. An authorized agent or person appointed by the legal representatives or the injured person. 
There are three ways by which a victim can ask for compensation
1. Principle of no fault liability (Section 140),
2. Structured formula basis (Section 163A),
3. Compensation in hit and run cases (Section161)
 Along with this the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, covers the punishments for over speed, dangerous driving and drunk driving. The punishments for all these crimes depends upon the nature and the damage of the accident.
We hope, you would have found this stuff beneficial and interesting for you. 

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