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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Top 5 vehicles that are helpful to get rid from the problem of pollution

Top 5 vehicles that are helpful to get rid from the problem of pollution

Last one year has witnessed dynamic shift towards eco-friendly vehicles that are helpful in controlling the emergence of pollution arising from the smoke of different vehicles running on roads. The recent illustration is ban on movement of diesel vehicles with an engine of more than 2000 cc displacement capacity in Delhi and NCR region imposed last year and then removal of ban on the payment of 15 green Cess on the manufacturers of such vehicles is an indication of government’s concern towards pollution. It is a universal truth that with increasing number of population number of vehicles on roads has also increased and the efforts adopted by government in this regard have not be satisfactory, despite of odd-even vehicle formulae imposed by state government in Delhi.
Albeit, this efforts did not worked much but still they have raised consciousness among the citizens towards the worsening impacts of driving polluted vehicles. It would be interested to know that going through the concern of green environment today you can find e-rickshaws acting as a main source of transportation for local commuters. In recent initiative initiated by state government of West Bengal, Chief Minister Honorable Mamta Banerjee launched a scheme named as Sabuj-sathi under which cycles would be distributed to senior students studying in different government schools.  Similarly, mini auto’s known as “Toto” have also succeeded in grabbing the attention of commuters in Kolkata.  These battery operated auto’s are not only offering cost effective mode of transportation to natives but also helping in controlling the pollution to huge extent.
Interestingly not only vehicles used for public transportation are being enriched with eco-friendly mechanism but even personal vehicle owners of two wheelers and four wheelers are moving towards use of eco-friendly vehicles. Going through the concern of nature loving readers we have made an attempt to enlist top five best battery operated cars that are running in Indian car market at present date.
1. Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence Plug-In Hybrid: Launched recently by Swedish car maker Volvo, the XC90 T8 Excellence Plug-In Hybrid is endorse to set a new benchmark for car makers who are endeavoring for launching that are eco-friendly and emission free.  Under the hood, XC90 T8 Hybrid sports T8 Twin-Engine Plug-in Hybrid Electric engine comprising of 2.0 litre supercharged and turbocharged petrol engine coupled with 9.2 kWh Lithium-ion battery. The engine is mated with eight speed automatic transmission system and generates the combined power of 402 bhp and torque of 640Nm.
Volvo XC90 Plug-in Hybrid
2. Mahindra eVerito: When it comes to manufacturing of electronic vehicles in Indian car market nobody can forget the efforts made by domestic car maker Mahindra and Mahindra in this direction. After e20, the native car maker sometimes back launched the electronic version of its best selling sedan Verito in Indian car market christened as eVerito. The electronic motor integrated in Verito is tuned with 72V battery generates the power of 41.4 bhp and torque of 91Nm. The battery gets fully charged in span of an hour and 45 minutes. With top of 86 km/h the vehicle can  be driven up-to 110 kms once it is charged completely.

Mahindra e-Verito
3. Mahindra e20: Empowered with 3 phase induction motor couple with 48V maintenance free lithium battery boosting the power of 25.4 bhp and torque of 53.9 Nm, an interesting feature of this first ever electronic vehicle by M&M is that it sports a 220V, 15 A socket that makes it possible for driver to charge it anywhere according to his convenience. Once charged fully the vehicle can be driven up-to 120 kms. It takes four hours to charge the vehicle normally, while the top end variant can be charged in the span of five hours.

Mahindra e20
4. BMWi8: Developed by German auto giant BMWi8 is considered as the best illustration of what a supercar should be. The super hybrid car empowers 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery that is capable for delivering an average of 37 km, under New European Driving Cycle pattern. The super car generates the speed from standstill to 100 kmh in span of 4.4 seconds followed by top notch of 250 km/h.

BMW i8
5. Toyota Camry Hybrid: Developed by Japanese car maker Toyota, Camry Hybrid is the electronic version of Camry sedan. Offered in petrol variant the Hybrid Camry empowers an engine that generates the power of 160PS and torque of 213 Nm, on the other side the electronic motor churns power of 143 PS and torque of 230Nm. The transmission duty is taken care by CVT gearbox.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

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