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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Top 10 Amazing Facts Associated with Audi

Top 10 Amazing Facts Associated with Audi

Name of Audi is an established name worldwide for the luxury cars. The German car maker has gained its distinctive position in global car market setting new benchmark for its contenders. It would not be wrong to say that four circles merged in each other have symbol of not only the brand but also of comfort and luxuriousness. But, have you ever tried to know that for what these four circles symbolize and who developed the idea designing the logo of Audi? and what features make Audi to stand at high position than its contenders.


Today, we are making an attempt to find answers of some unsolved questions and bringing you some interesting facts associated with this renowned brand:

  • 1. To begin, let’s first try to know the reason behind four circles of Audi. These four circles are representatives of four companies that joined hands to make this group. These four companies are Audi, DKW, Horsh and Wanderer, also called as Auto Union.

Audi Logo History

  • 2. Audi is the first car manufacturing company to win Le Man’s cars, empowered with diesel and hybrid power trains. In 2006, R10 TDI energized with turbodiesel V10 succeeded in winning Le Man's race for first time in its history, after which again in 2012, the R18 e-Tron Quattro energized with diesel/electric hybrid engine won the title.


  • 3. The term Audi in latin refers to “Hear” where as the Hear in German language refers to “Horch”. Audi was initially founded by August Horch.


  • 4. Audi’s 1000 HP Audi Rally Car development was surprisingly a secret mission which did not even came into the notice of company’s president. The idea of developing this Audi car came in thoughts of Mr. Roland Gumpert, Manager of team, who felt the need of mid engine rally car after Lancia and Peugeot had developed the quattros in the yester years of 80’s decade.

Audi Sport Quattro S1


  • 5. Audi’s RS2 was the first high performing car developed by it, under the collaboration of Porsche.


  • 6. Audi was the first company to conduct crash tests to understand the behavior of car if it meets an accident. This step in later years became a necessity of time for all car makers.

Audi Crash Test


  • 7. The interiors of Audi A8 have been developed with 36520 stitches across the body.


  • 8. Every unit of Audi R8 undergoes X-ray examination so as to examine the strength of body once the production is accomplished.

Audi R8 X-ray Examination


  • 9. During the World War II, alike other car manufacturing companies, Audi also focused on the happenings of war. The major assets of Auto Union were located to East Germany which was under the control of the then Soviet Union and its production unit located in Chemnitz was demolished.


  • 10. At present, the German car maker is enjoying its best time in terms of profits it is earning, significant profits which it had never enjoyed in its glorious history of so many years.


Hope you would have found these facts certainly amazing for you and helpful in enhancing your knowledge about your favorite car. We would also like to recognize that if you come to know some more interesting facts with Audi, please do feel free to share the same with us.


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