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Friday, September 29, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

Should ADAS Be Made Compulsory In India?

Should ADAS Be Made Compulsory In India?

The cars manufactured today are miles ahead of cars manufactured a decade back. The cars of today’s generation are not only equipped with several enormous features but also with an abundance of safety features. To provide a safe driving experience to car owners, manufacturers are integrating new safety features in their cars. One such feature that has emerged as a virtual driving assistant for car drivers is the Autonomous Driver Assistance System also known as ADAS.
For all those who don’t know much about ADAS, it is a set of safety features designed to offer protection to passengers during a crash. The system works in combination with sensors to scan activities happening around the vehicle. The notable feature of this system is that understanding the chances of collision it automatically takes the charge of brakes and steering wheel to protect the driver and passengers from the expected crash.
But integration and the use of ADAS is not as easy as it sounds, especially in India, where driving a vehicle is no less than a pain, due to the unpredictable moves of fellow drivers. This has given birth to a new debate, should ADAS be made compulsory in India like airbags and ABS or not? Because, understanding the chances of a collision, your car may apply brakes suddenly increasing the chances of being smashed by a fellow vehicle.
However, the buyers of cars with ADAS are given the option of turning it on or off, turning it off can result in a severe accident. To control such incidents, the users can allow some important functions to operate during an emergency. As far as making it compulsory in India is concerned, according to industry experts, keeping the existing traffic conditions on highways and urban areas in concern integration of ADAS can help to control the increasing number of accidents.

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