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Friday, October 30, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

 Protect Your Car From Damage by Crackers During Diwali

Protect Your Car From Damage by Crackers During Diwali

Diwali the festival of lights and crackers is just a few days away and people not only in India, but all the Indians living in different corners of the world have started making its preparations according to their wishes. This year, however, amid COVID-19 people will celebrate it according to the guidelines issued by the government, but with lockdown being removed from all the corners of the world, lots of people will as a usual move to their relatives and friends for a celebration.
The celebration of Diwali is incomplete without lights and crackers. There would be hardly anyone who must be able to keep himself away from the charm of firing the crackers despite the danger. To protect our dear ones and buddies from the danger of crackers we do not leave any stone unturned. Unfortunately, none of us pays attention to the safety of our four-wheeler as they are also at the verge of damage from the crackers. So, before you notice any damage to your beloved car the next day, won’t it be better to take its care and enjoy the fun of Diwali without any regrets. 
Below are some tips following which will let you enjoy the festival of Diwali to its fullest fun.
Parking: If you have a garage to park your car then undoubtedly you are a lucky man, but in case you park your car out of the house then it will be better to park it safely. Try to park the car at the place where it is safe from fireworks.
Be Attentive While Driving: Diwali is the festival of crackers and a sudden loud of crackers is enough to break your concentration while driving and you might loose your control on the steering wheel. You should also ensure that the crackers do not move close to the fuel tank and fuel pipe.
Do Not Cover Your Car: If you are parking your car out of home then do not put any cover on the car as most of these covers are not fire-resistant and prone to fire with a small spark.
Carry a Fire Extinguisher: Today there are lots of portable fire extinguishers available in the market which are easy to carry. Keeping one in your car will help in exploring the fire in case of an unfortunate situation.
Keep the Windows Shut: Whether you are driving or have parked the car make sure that all the windows are properly closed. The interiors are inflammable and a little spark of fire is enough to make a massive explosion in your car.
Following these small tips will help you enjoy the festival happily.

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