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Friday, August 09, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Only 5 Percent Of Cars In India Offer Advanced Connectivity Features

Only 5 Percent Of Cars In India Offer Advanced Connectivity Features

Do you know what is common between the upcoming Kia Seltos, Hyundai Venue and MG Hector, obviously your reply will be that these are the newbies redefining the compact SUV segment in the Indian car market. Well, this is also true, but besides this these  vehicles are embellished with the latest connectivity features which till few years back were considered as a dream. Till few years back, nobody had imagined the facility of using internet while traveling in the car, but the makers made this possible and these new vehicles not only represent the future concept on which the upcoming vehicles will  be based, but also offers advanced functionality. After Hyundai Venue and MG Hector, the next vehicle to be equipped with internet connectivity feature is Kia Seltos by the Korean car maker Kia Motors.
Connectivity Feature In Cars
But, unfortunately, the use this technology by the manufacturers in the Indian car industry is still at the emerging stage and sadly various upcoming cars in the recent months will lack this feature. The first reasons which at the first instance, seems responsible for this problem is the price of cars, which indirectly hikes with the integration of such features. In-fact, even today the new cars that are getting ready to make their debut in India lack the connectivity features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Still, there are lots high end cars which are not equipped with some of the common features like digital instrument cluster.
According to the recently published report, only five percent cars in the India integrate the features like infotainment system and digital cockpits, as compared to 30 percent cars in the global market and 90 percent cars in the Japanese car market have such features integrated in them. However, with the changing time, things have started changing and now understanding the need of the time and benefits offered by the integration of the new features the car manufacturers are endeavoring the introduction of connectivity features in their proposed vehicles. And, the days is not far when integration of these features in the upcoming vehicles will become mandatory for the manufacturers.

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