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Friday, September 23, 2016

By Carkhabri Team



Driving a personal car has its own fun and pleasure and you must be considered as the best car driver even in group of your friends and among your family members. But, good driving is not an indication that you are a car expert who understands the terminologies associated with car. In-fact sometimes you would have found yourself stuck in a situation where your knowledge regarding cars would have felt you embarrassed in front of your car mechanic, who despite of being less educated has vast knowledge about terminologies. 
Well without wasting much time let us continue our blog on terms related with cars, but before that let us have a look on our last blog entitled Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 11 and begin our blog for today in which we will discuss terms related with “M”.
1. M+S Rating: Use of term M+S rating would have confused you while you went to buy the set of tire for your car. But now from today onwards you will not have to hesitate in front of dealer when he asks for type of tire you want for your car. In simple words M+S refers to Mud and Snow branded tires, which is mainly related with treading of tires. In the beginning M+S was used for differentiating between the knobby and ply tires which were developed mainly for driving on muddy or snowy roads. There are different way by which this rating of tires is determined namely M&S, M/s. MS, M+S etc depending upon the pattern used by manufacturers of tires.
M+S Rating
2. MacPherson Strut Suspension System: The main objective of suspension system is to offer smooth and comfort driving while driving through pits. And from this point of MacPherson Strut Suspension system is considered as the first choice of car manufacturers in current scenario. It can be defined as an automatic suspension system which makes use of top telescopic damper. It is mainly applied on the front suspension of vehicles that are manufactured in today’s date. Although it is widely in cars because of low cost required in manufacturing it, but it suffers from a major drawback. The suspensions system do not facilitates the driver to move the wheel in vertical direction without making change in camber angle, sideways movement. 

MacPherson Strut Suspension System
3. Manual Transmission System: Also referred as manual gearbox or stick shift or n-speed manual (in which n stands for number of forward gear ratios). The cars manufactured today are offered with five speed manual transmission and sometimes with six speed manual gear transmission system. The system offers facility to driver in changing gear by pressing clutch disengaged by foot pedal. Although today apart from manual transmission system, other transmission option includes automatic transmission system, continuously variable transmission system, asemi automatic transmission system etc. 
Manual Transmission System
4. Mass Airflow Sensor: The main objective of Mass Airflow Sensor is to find out the actual flow rate of air coming inside the fuel injected internal combustion engine. The information regarding air mass is helpful in retaining the balance and delivery of fuel mass to engine. While driving the air changes its density in accordance to temperature and pressure. The density of air varies depending upon the use of forced induction, altitude, and ambient temperature. 
Mass Air Flow
5. Metallic Paint: It is desire of every person that the car  which he owns grabs the attention of commuters on road and therefore when it comes to buying a car everyone tries to buy a car of passionate color. Days have gone back only car owners have option of mainly white or sky blue color painted on car. Today you can find cars in wide range of fascinating colors with metallic paint. Also referred as polychromatic paint getting the car painted with metallic paint makes the contours of bodywork more eye catching than non-metallic. For making the paint more eye catching small metal flakes are included mixed in paint  for leaving sparkling impact.  
Metallic Paint

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