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Friday, October 13, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

Importance Of Car Seat Belt

Importance Of Car Seat Belt

The death of Indian businessman and former chairman of Tata Motors Cyrus Mistry last year in a car accident has raised a question on the importance of wearing seat belts while travelling. With the introduction of various technical features, especially with the introduction of the Automatic Driving Assistant System (ADAS), people ignore wearing seatbelts on highways or in areas without traffic police officials.
This habit of not wearing seatbelts during a crash results in severe injuries sometimes even the loss of life. However, people now understand the importance of seat belts and prefer to wear them while travelling, but the number of people not wearing seat belts is still quite concerning. Keeping this fact in concern, this blog post highlights the importance of wearing seatbelts while travelling by car.
Ensures Proper Positioning: Seat belts keep you protected in the right position, aiding in maintaining control during skids or spins and reducing the likelihood of accidents for unbuckled drivers.
Prevents Ejection: According to various reports accidents resulting in ejection resulted in higher fatality rates. Seat belts help retain occupants within the vehicle, enhancing their survival chances.
Distributes Impact Forces: Seat belts, particularly lap and shoulder belts, spread the impact force across the body's strongest areas, reducing the risk of concentrated injuries to the head, chest, or abdomen that can occur when unrestrained.
Matches Your Body's Speed to the Vehicle: Without a seat belt, your body continues moving at the same speed as the vehicle after a collision, making you susceptible to impact with the steering wheel, dashboard, or side window. Wearing a seat belt keeps you secured to your seat, slowing your body in sync with the car.
Protects the Head and Spine: In accidents, head injuries, ranging from minor concussions to potentially fatal injuries like coup-countercoup and diffuse axonal injuries, can occur. Similarly, spinal cord injuries, even minor ones, can have a serious impact. 
These are some benefits of wearing seatbelts while travelling in the car.

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