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Friday, July 07, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

Ignoring These Warning Lights May Be Risky For You

Ignoring These Warning Lights May Be Risky For You

Being an expert driver doesn’t mean driving a car safely on a highway or taking out your car on a busy road. If you call yourself an expert driver, then you need to understand every little aspect of your car. Many people don’t understand the warning lights of their car, despite driving for many years. This lack of knowledge about these lights may fail their car at unusual times or at the time when they need to move somewhere on an urgent basis.
Understanding the problems of such car owners, this blog highlights the importance of these warning lights and how they can affect the performance of your car.
Battery Warning Light: If there is an issue with the battery of your car then you will notice an indication blinking with a picture of a battery and a minus symbol appearing inside the battery. This indication reveals that the battery of your car is not charging properly or its alternator is going to fail soon. A failure in the battery can result in a breakdown and may keep you stuck on the road.
Engine Light: Any issue with the engine is revealed by this light. If you notice a light appearing with an engine image on the dashboard of your car, then it depicts that the engine of your car is not working accurately. There are multiple reasons due to which the engine light of your car may appear on the dashboard, these include variations in the voltage, loose gas cap, loss of compression or any other serious issue. It is recommended to get these issues detected and rectified by an expert technician to avoid any severe damage to the engine.
Oil Pressure Warning Light: It is also one of the most important indications towards which you need to pay attention. The indication is expressed in the form of an oil drop falling from an oil can. This problem happens due to an issue with the pressure or flow of the oil to the engine. The low-pressure or slow flow of oil may be responsible for severe damage to the engine, therefore it is recommended to get the issue resolved at the earliest.
ABS Warning Light: Any issue with the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is shown by an image of a circle followed by the ABS alphabet in the centre. The ABS plays a crucial role in stopping wheels from locking at the time of applying brakes while driving, thus offering proper control of the vehicle. Any issue with the ABS can be risky at the time of driving.
Brake-Warning Light: Alike other warning lights, a brake warning light is also one of the most important warning lights which should not be ignored. This light normally appears with a warning buzzer, alerting the driver to immediately stop the vehicle and check its brakes. This light blinks when there is an issue with the brake pads or the levels of brake oil in the brake system. Ignoring this indication for a long time may be dangerous for driving the car.
Conclusion: Whether you are an expert driver or a novice knowledge of warning lights is a must thing to learn for every driver.

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