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Friday, August 30, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

How To Protect Your Personal Data Before Sitting On The Driver’s Seat

How To Protect Your Personal Data Before Sitting On The Driver’s Seat

You will agree that the vast technical developments in the recent times have made driving a fun keeping the driver connected throughout the world at a single click. It would not be wrong to say that you need not have to wait for reaching your office and then send an important email to the client, now you can do this, even while you stop at a traffic signal. Thanks!!! to the creative minds behind the development of the cars of today’s generation. 
Well, on the papers all this sounds very interesting and an easy process, which although it is, but at the same time it is also putting the security of your personal data at an edge of being hacked by the hackers. In-fact, any device that is connected with the internet is prone to hacking. Isn’t this surprising, that the car which you drive at the part of your regular activity is also at the target of the hackers. But, unfortunately, as none of us are aware about this fact, we are making it easier for the hackers to interfere in our privacy.
Let us have a look on the way by which the hackers can hack our personal information while we are driving the car listening to our favorite song.
Not updating the data security system accordingly: As a general practice, the manufacturers of the car update the software installed in the cars at regular intervals. But, as these updates cannot be updated automatically like the computer updates, it is imperative for the car owners to visit the car dealer and get the software updated by him. The reason due to which most of the car owners fail or could not get the software updated on time is due to lack of information provided by the manufacturer. To get rid of this either they should visit the official website of the manufacturer or visit the local dealer at regular intervals.
Security of the key fob: The vehicles are today’s generation are embellished with the feature of connectivity and therefore they automatically unlock as soon as you get closer to them carrying the key fob. This type of entry is known as passive entrance in the car. The major drawback of this feature is that in case if your key is lost, then it is quite easier for anyone having the key fob your car to move inside the car and steal it. The problem can be fixed by turning the feature of passive entry to on or off mode and put their key fob in a metal cover with aluminum foil, so that it blocks the signals and protect the car from the eyes of hackers.
Using the Apps that are protected with the password: Automakers like Nissan, Volkswagen, Porshce, Toyota and few more, offer the apps connected with the car. These are user friendly apps, that facilitate the drivers to lock and unlock the car remotely. Using such apps can be risky for the security of your data. The best way to get rid of this problem is to determine a strong password of all such apps and get the data protected from the hackers.
Infotainment system: Connecting your smartphone with the infotainment system although offers you an opportunity of playing your favorite music, but this at the same time the infotainment system access your personal information stored in your smartphone. This data remains saved in the memory of the infotainment system and if you are traveling in the rented car than it can be accessed by anyone moving in that particular car. To protect your data, it will be better to disconnect all the apps and then connect your smartphone to the infotainment system.
Epilogue: The connected cars are develop to make driving an easy going process and facilitate the driver to do more while sitting on his seat, but at the same time they are expect you to be smarter like them and get acquainted with the knowledge of using the all the features offered in the car properly. 

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