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Friday, February 12, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Connected Vehicle Technology: New Move to Future Driving

Connected Vehicle Technology: New Move to Future Driving

The increasing competition in the car industry across the world has emerged as a boon not only for existing car owners but also giving a glimpse of the future driving. After making dynamic changes in our day to day activities, the use of the internet has now made its entrance in car manufacturing. With GPS already being introduced in the cars of today’s generation, the carmakers are now working on extending the role of the internet to offer the smooth driving experience to the car owners. Most of the car manufacturers are already working on the self-driving car.
Interestingly taking a step ahead, the introduction of the new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) is giving new directions to future mobility. The integration of this technology lets the car drivers informed about the upcoming traffic conditions and plays an important role in offering a safe driving experience.
The connectivity of different components with the internet the drivers can have a remote control on their vehicles using their smartphones. The day is not far when we will have every information readily available on the digital screen of the car, which we have been accessing on our smartphones. It can be said that at present the car industry in the entire world is going through the transition period, and the upcoming vehicles are being embellished with new innovative technological features. It is believed that the market of connected cars across the world will worth $198 billion by 2025. Industry experts believe that about three-fourths of the cars sold in the international car market will be during the next five years.
Some of the Features Offered by the Cars Controlled through the Internet on Things (IoT) are mentioned below:
Information Regarding the Road: With the introduction of the new normal standards after the global pandemic COVID-19, the practice of travelling is believed to change dynamically. With the inception of new technologies like edge AI and ML, it is speculated the various new technologies will make their entrance in the car manufacturing technology. These new technologies will dynamically change the way of using our cars.
Strengthening Car Security: The use of digital keys eliminated the use of conventional keys. The only threat of the digital keys is that due to the use of smartphones for unlocking the cars, the burglars are at an edge of getting control over your vehicle. Keeping this necessity in concern the car manufacturers should focus on the technology that not only offers an end-to-end solution to its security but also determine the components integrated into the car respond to the external environment and the vehicles running along with it.
Multi-Channel Communication: The most notable feature of the connected vehicles is the translation of the huge data shared between the different channels. These channels not only share the data between them but also collect an abundance of sensitive information prevailing in their surroundings.  
Conclusion: Going through the introduction of the new technologies it can be said that day is not far away when our cars will be protected from all the corners offering the safe driving experience to the owners.

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