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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Cars Driven by Star Cast of Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasmah

Cars Driven by Star Cast of Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasmah

It is said that laughter is the best therapy and therefore doctors also advise to laugh open heartedly daily. But as it is not possible to make someone laugh easily or you can also say that in today’s scenario every person is so busy in his life that he has almost forgotten that when did he laughed last time. Well, the best way to cater this situation is to watch a comedy movie or some show which makes you laugh. Now as it is not possible to watch movie every day, neither all movies are comedy movies, the option left with person is to watch comedy serials that are telecasted on television.


Interestingly during last few years some of the comedy serials have become the life line to people in current scenario that people do not miss any episode despite of being how busy they are. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah is one of such serials which have become the part of almost every next person sitting next to you. An interesting fact about this serial is that apart from making you laugh it also makes you aware about current issues. The story revolves around society where different families live together and enjoy all joys and sorrows together.


An interesting feature of this serial that despite of being well earning families, no family has its personal car, except a Jeap which is owned by Roshan Sodhi’s (Gurcharan Singh), who himself is an operator of motor garage. Apart from him all residents of society are seen traveling in auto rikshaw. But it is only in their reel life, because in real life all the actors performing in serial are owner of luxurious cars. Today we shall be highlighting the cars owned by each actor performing in this serial.


Dilip Joshi aka Jethalal: Dilip Joshi in this serial is an owner of an electronic showroom named as Gada Electricals. Name of his father in serial is Jetha Lal Gada. In his real life Dilip Joshi prefers to enjoy a simple life and prefer to drive Toyota Innova MPV.


Toyota Innova Jethalal


Disha Vakani as Dayaben: Often known as Daya, Disha Vakani is playing the role of Jetha Lal’s wife. In serial she has been very innocent person who is always ready to help needy persons. But in her real life she is just opposite to it and prefers to live in stylish way. At present she is proud owner of an Audi car which she got from her husband. Prior to this she has a Maruti car.


Disha Vakani's Audi Car


Bhavya Gandhi aka Tapu: Tapu is recognized as a versatile child of the society and is also the leader of Tapu Sena, the gang of children in society. He is acting as son of Jetha Lal and Daya Ben in serial. It would be interested to know that in serial where he requests for everything from his father, in his real life alike his reel mother he also owns an Audi car.


Amit Bhatt as Champaklal: Known as Babuji and Chachaji, Amit Bhatt is one of the respected persons in society whose suggestions are accepted by everyone in society. Acting as the father of Jetha Lal, in his real life Amit Bhatt prefer to drive in Honda City car with his family.


Champaklal Honda City


Shailesh Lodha as Taarak Mehta: Working as writer in serial Shailesh is also the narrator of serial. In serial where he is working as an honest husband who follows strict diet rules as suggested by his reel wife, in real life he prefers to drive Mercedes Benz E class, the luxurious sedan.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Tarak Mehta


Neha Mehta as Anjali: Anjali Mehta aka Neha Mehta is working as the wife of Taarak Mehta. In serial she is working as strict wife who keeps watch on diet of her husband and never let him to eat anything from outside and which is harmful to health. In her life Neha prefers to drive Maruti Suzuki SX4 luxurious sedan.


Anjali Maruti SX4


Munmun Dutta as Babita Iyer: Called as Babitaji, Munmum is acting as one of the broad minded lady in serial. According to her character in serial in her real life she prefers to live in stylish way. Although in serial she is seen traveling in auto rikshaw, but while coming for shoot she prefers to drive in Honda Mobilio.


Munmun Dutta Honda Mobilio


Shyam Pathak as Popatlal: “Duniya hila kar rakh dunga” has been the common dialogue uttered by Shyam Pathak who acts like Popatlal in serial. Working as a correspondent in one of the leading news papers in serial, Popatlal is always concerned about his marriage in serial and gets impressed by any girl he meets for first time. Well all this is about reel life, in real life he proudly drives Toyota Innova.


Azad Kavi Khan as Dr. Hansraj Hathi: Alike his character name, Azad Kavi Khan aka Dr. Hansraj Hathi is acting like a food loving person who prefers to eat everything without any concern and impact on his health. Interestingly alike his name he likes to travel in one of the strongest MPVs available in country Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.


Ambika Ranjankar as Komal Hansraj Hathi: Accompanying her reel husband Dr. Hansraj Hathi, in eating variety of food, Komal Hansraj Hathi, also known as Komal Bhabhi, Ambika Ranjankar owns Toyota Innova MPV.


Gurucharan Singh as Mr. Sodi: Acting as fun loving Sardar, Gurucharan Singh aka Mr. Sodi is working as a car mechanic in society. In serial where he owns as Jeap in which he almost drops the children of society to their school, in real life Gurucharan has Maruti Suzuki Swift for personal drive.


Dilkush Reporter as Mrs. Sodi: Acting as Persian lady and wife of Mr. Sodi, Dilkush Reporter alike her husband is also fun loving person in serial. For her personal drive Dilkhush has Hyundai Santro to freak outside.


Mandar Chandwadkar as Mr. Atmaram Bhide: “Atmaram Bhide, is society ka ek meve secretary” is one of regular dialogue uttered by Mandar Chandwadkar who acts as teacher and secretary of society. In serial where Mandar acts as an economical person who loves his old scooter, in real life he is owner of Volkswagen Vento hatchback.


Sonalika Joshi as Mrs. Bhide: In serial where Sonalika Joshi aka Mrs. Bhide is acting as a housewife who also runs her personal business and saves every little rupee from her expenses. In real life she is prefers to travel in luxurious sedan Toyota Etios.


Mrs. Bhide Toyota Etios


Tanmay Vekaria as Bagha: Acting as an obedient and innocent employee Tanmay Vekaria called as Bagha in serial is proud owner of luxurious sedan Honda City.


Samay Shah as Gogi: Working as Son of Sardar, that is son of Sodi, Samay Shah aka Gogi is the smallest child actor in Tapu Gang. Interestingly in serial where is the youngest actor in real life he owns a bigger car than compared to his size. It would be interested to know that this small kid is having Toyota Innova MPV for traveling.


Nidhi Bhanushali as Sonu: Acting as daughter of Mr. Bhide this sweet girl, Nidhi Bhanusali known as Sonu loves to travel in Hyundai Santro when she comes for shooting.


Hyundai Santro Nidhi Bhanushali


Sharad Shankla as Abdul: Acting as an owner of grocery shop which is also the centre point where all male members society meet in evening for soda. Sharak Shankla acting as Abdul drives Maruti Suzuki Swift whenever he has to go out for shooting.


Mayur Vakani as Sunder: Acting as younger brother of Daya ben is always ready to do anything for his sister and irritates his brother with nuisance acts, Mayur Vakani as Sunder has Honda Jazz hatchback for his personal drive.


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