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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

By CarKhabri Team

Car maintenance in summer season

Car maintenance in summer season

Car maintenance in summer is quite necessary to safeguard the vehicle. First of all, engine cooling system and its cooling ability are needed to be properly checked. Inspection of leaks and other faults like discoloration, cracking etc. has to be done properly. Cars in states like Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the climate crosses more than 45 degree Celsius requires a properly functioning coolant system. It is also necessary to check the anti-freeze system, cooling fans and system thermostat in order to maintain the engine temperature.

Besides this, the Air-conditioner of the car should also be checked in order to keep inside climate of the car cool. Tuning up of AC is much needed if the gets 6 years old. AC check-up mainly includes the refrigent pressure check-up and the flow of air from the AC vents. In addition, the drive belts, wire connections and the compressor functioning has to be checked inspected properly.


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Furthermore, car maintenance in summer season includes the timely changing of lubricants. Timely changing of the lubricants keeps the engine functioning smooth. Tire pressure check-up is another important tuning up factor in summer season. In order to maintain vehicle stability on the highways, proper tire pressure monitoring is much needed. During long tours in summer season always ensure that you keep the spare wheel of the car well inflated. Due to hot streets in summer season the tires heat up quickly and pressure is increased. Therefore, it is being said that the tires should not be over-inflated or under-inflated; rather they should be inflated as per the company’s recommended pressure. Correct tire pressure of the vehicle is given in the user’s manual booklet of the car.

It is much necessary that you inspect the tires at regular intervals before they lose grip or blow out. The better the grip is the better would be the vehicles stability.

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