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Friday, November 10, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

5 Ways to Combat The Problem Of Pollution

5 Ways to Combat The Problem Of Pollution

Like the past few years once again the Air Quality Index (AQI) has crossed the mark of 400 in the Delhi-NCR region and residents of these areas are suffering from different types of health and breathing issues. To combat the situation the government of Delhi has immediately implemented the final stage 4 of its air pollution control plan - Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). With this, the government has also initiated the odd-even vehicle again almost after four years. 
Well, the problem of pollution is not new in the country, especially, Delhi is known as one of the most highly polluted cities in the world. But, one thing that needs to be paid attention on this matter is that apart from the government it is the responsibility of the people also to contribute to government efforts for controlling the problem of pollution.
Below are some steps which people can adopt to combat the problem of pollution.
  1. Select alternative transportation methods for short distances. Instead of using ICE vehicles for short-distance tasks, consider walking or cycling. This not only minimizes emissions but also promotes physical activity, benefiting your health.
  2. Ensure efficient driving habits. Regularly service your vehicle to maintain cleaner emissions and keep pollution in check. Neglecting vehicle maintenance can significantly contribute to increased pollution levels, further deteriorating air quality.
  3. Embrace public transportation options. In the face of escalating traffic and vehicular pollution, prioritize public transit whenever feasible. Opt for direct metro lines or bus routes to reduce individual vehicle usage, ultimately leading to decreased emissions and pollution.
  4. Adopt the practice of carpooling and ride-sharing alternatives. Reduce the number of vehicles on the road by forming groups of individuals travelling to the same destination. This not only cuts down expenses but also diminishes vehicular pollution. Some ride-sharing services and cab aggregators offer convenient options for carpooling.
  5. Minimize engine idling. When stuck in traffic or waiting at a signal, consider turning off your vehicle's engine if it is safe to do so. This practice not only lowers emissions but also conserves fuel and enhances your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

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